What Christian Fundamentalists Think About Legalization

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  1. My friend posted a poll in a hardcore Christian forum and the responses are surprising, Most of them seem to oppose the federal war on drugs. Who knew?

    Click here.

    PS: Don't sign up and say stupid things because they'll ban you and probably close the poll.
  2. Yeah but there are lots of flavors of Christian fundamentalists.

    I like Cherry-Vanilla swirl myself.
  3. It would be nieve to think that just because you are a christian fundamentalist or anything means you are for or against weed. It would be even more ridiculous to convert your religion to Christianity then completely bash on weed or anything for that matter just because everyone else is.
  4. Isn't the idea behind religion to submit to an authoritarian doctrine? Especially when it comes to fundamentalism, the whole idea is to appeal to the FUNDAMENTAL doctrine.

  5. I feel you may know a little more about this topic of religion concerning Christianity but who ever said you must submit to a religion to believe in it. Yes people do give in and brush away the power they have within themselves to make their own opinions but that I believe is what is "killing" people's happiness. When you take someone else's word for it you use nothing but someone else's view of something, setting yourself up for a trap. Language is very tricky and two people will take this paragraph very differently showing that it may not always be wise to follow someone else's "words or beliefs" because they can be twisted so easily.
  6. Christian Fundamentalists don't think. (Admittedly harsh and prejudicial, but I think many of you will get my point)

    As long as people got the info I think most wouldn't care. MJ could be spun by the church as a way to pray and meditate. I don't think a lot of the social conservatism actually spawns from the church as much as from the culture which the church can be warped to create.
  7. The term Christian Fundamentalist, to me anyways, means somebody who takes the Bible literally, and shuns all other forms of interpretation. In the Bible, there is no explicit prohibition of cannabis usage, but (from what I can remember) there are some passages alluding to the body's sanctity. Unless the Fundamentalist we speak of has bought into the DARE ads, he or she wouldn't find anything in the Bible to bring about an anti-Cannabis Crusade.

    And religion isn't about submitting to authoritarian regimes, I'd say a good deal of the "rules" (10 Commandments, etc.) of all major faiths are there to keep the community of believers healthy and strong. If you allow adultery, cheating, lying, murder, etc. the faithful would be tearing each other apart in true human fashion...
  8. 100% thinkers don't feel. Anything.
  9. It doesn't matter what the intention of the rules are, it is, BY DEFINITION authoritarian.

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