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What cha want, or What you gonna get for X-mas

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering what everyone here is going to ask Santa to bring them for Christmas. I tried to ask for Halle Berry, but Santa said '' If I had Halle, do you think I'd let YOU have her?'' So I'll have to settle for something a little more materialistic. Dang, And I could just picture her waiting under my tree for me. I've got my choices narrowed down to two things. I'd like a new guitar, or a new stereo for my Jeep. So let's hear what you are going to get, or want from Santa!
  2. oooo, im buying the girlfriend her first glass pipe, amongst many other things. shes said shes planning on giving me something a bit better... (keep in mind we are both still virgins... ooo hahahah)

    i LOVE christmas!! id spend every last dollar i have on all my friends if i didnt need the money to live through the winter :p

    christmas songs, smoking bongs
    i light my xmas joint
    holiday cheer, ice cold beer
    this is the seasons point
    in the park the teens, smoke the green
    shivering in the cold
    i smoke out the house, quiet as a mouse
    because i am so old
    under the holly, we be jolly
    this is nothing new
    under the tree, come smoke with me
    id love to smoke with you
  3. YAY! I love the Christmas song, Adam! :D

    Dear Santa,

    Overall, I have been a good girl this year. I share my weed with everyone that I come in contact with and I try to keep my karma balanced out so I guess don't mind asking for a few things.

    Santa, sweet Santa...I really want my 'duct tape.' More than anything! If you could pull that one off for me then nothing else matters. If not, then a new car stereo or (I'm reaching) a laptop or maybe even a .......OMG! IT'S SNOWING RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......bunch of gift certificates. Oh oh oh, a new watch but a gift certificate will cover that.

    I actually would prefer that everyone else get what they want for Christmas, though. I'm not as materialistic as I could be and while a laptop and a new stereo sound great, I get more happiness from watching others open up their Christmas surprises. :)

    I'll have your peanut butter cookies and milk by your big chair and a fat ass bowl ready, as usual. I might even make you some special brownies but you can only eat them if you leave my duct tape! ;) Well, ok...maybe you can have one special brownie.

    Love ya Santa baby,
  4. [​IMG] Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Hi Hi Hi!! Marrrrrrrrrry Janemas :D
  6. Usually my wife and I spend way too much money on gifts for people so we have decided to do things a little differently this year. This year instead of going crazy we will probably just cheap out on everyone and then donate a decent amout to the local Salvation Army food bank in town here in everyone's name. We live in a small city, maybe 25,000 people maximum, but we have a disproportionate(sp) amount of homeless and transient people and it sucks seeing them dig through trash, collecting bottles and half-eaten food just to survive. I encourage everyone to do something like that this year, let's show that us ganja users actually care about more than when we are taking our next toke.

    Remember, be a good and generous ninja and God will bless you. :D
  7. For Christmas,i'd like....
    .Foreveryone in the world to work harder to achieve some kind of human fellowship.We're all in this world together, and our neighborhood is smaller than we think!

    Now, getting back to me! LOL!

    ..... I'd like to get through this Christmas without this back and muscle pain!

    ...... I'd like to remain mobile and pain free until next Christmas too (since i'm dreaming)!

    .....I'd really like my Skunk#11's to finish nicely before the new year! (this one's possible!)

    ......I'd like to be able to host a Christmas Party for all of the members of this great association here at GrassCity and Overgrow!

    .....i'd like for U.S Customs to agree to my petition! *wink*

    ......I'd like another HPS set up for my veg. room!

    ....I'd like some reform of Mary Jane Laws!
    ( the actual laws, not our sweet moderator, although she is a gift!) LOL!

    Thanks for starting this thread! Merry Christmas!!
  8. The most i can hope for is understanding.


    And a saxophone...
  9. .... i dont know what the hell anyone else is going to get me family wize and i dont know what the hell I'mma get them but i do know what I'mma get myself and thats a 4 piece glass set from that I'm having made,

    - a 3' double bubble bong
    - a bubbler
    - a spoon with a loop in the stem to prevent shitmouth
    - and a bing ass jar

    all made out of clear glass with a bunch of clear bumps/marbles on it and it will have dark red trim all over it.......... :) merry christmas to me do do doot do do do doooo

    OH haha oh yeah and i think that i might talked into playing santa for all my ralatives and little cousins.. i just show up in a huge santa suit and pass out presants.. LOL so embarrising but hella fun

  10. I'm getting a bass & amp (actually already ordered the bass, and i'm getting the amp of ebay, so no suprises there), some cds (i always get some cds), and a poster...

    Hopefully a good christmas too, holidays usually suck in my family.
  11. I ordered myself a new Glass Bong and Color changing piece off of shops for xmas...

    i still havent thought about what Im going to get for everyone else, or what i want from other people....eights of pot n shrooms would be fantastic
  12. i want a digi cam and camcorder...

    I want to start making some skate videos. Some of my friends made a video, but they suck, and i need to show them all up with my own, haha...
  13. Really all I want is some cash so i can order a bunch of stuff i want from here and cross out some of the titles on "cd's to buy" list. But more then anything though I wish I could have money to get stuff for not havin cash= / but I'm gonna do the best I can and wish everyone a merry christmas and good times :)
  14. I know one thing I'm getting...a diamond ring. :D
  15. half your luck hempress...

    im sooooo not looking forward to buying myself a new back fence this year for christmas...especially since i have to help put it up.....bugger...

    i would really like santa to bring me a plane ticket to Adelaide....hey santa are u listening to me???!!!

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