what cfls should i get

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  1. hi im planning on getting cfls for my next grow before i place under 600w ballast, what size fitting cfl and what wattage and how many would be best to get,
  2. Are you talking about for starting seedlings or for vegging for a short while?
  3. Starting seedlings
  4. I start seedlings out under just a couple of daylight CFL`s for the first week or so then I put them under a 2 foot 4 bulb T5 HO light for s hort time before going under either the bigger T5 or 1000 watt MH/HPS light. For CFL`s try to get like the 26 watt 6500k daylight CFL`s or closest to 6500k.
  5. Ok cheers will do, how many for 5 seedlings
  6. I started 6 seedlings out uner 2 daylight cfls could have used one more but their doing fine.
  7. Ok nice one so if i have 2 one either side would I benefit with one above in a reflector too
  8. Yeah that would work.
  9. Brill, thank you
  10. Try to find the highest wattage you can. I vegged under six 23 watt Daylight (6500k) and then under six 42 watt Soft White (2700k) and they stretched a lot less under the higher wattage, and grew faster.
  11. Ok nice one will bear tht in mind :)

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