What Celeb do you hate?

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Me personally i cant stand christina agrossella, and rosie o'donald..... just wonderin cause i just saw em both on tv and they put me in a bad mood.
  2. all popular musicians who neither play an instrument or write their own "music"
  3. every american idol
  4. Anyone who's in it just for the money.
  5. Hmmmm, I have quite a long list. I do a lot of hating when it comes to celebrities. lol

    Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon (my brother actually got to arrest her in NY at a protest. he put the cuffs on extra tight just for me :) ),
    Every Baldwin,
    Rosie O' Fatass,
    American Idols and judges,
    Johnny Depp,
    Rob Reiner (what a fat douche),
    Pauly Shore (your career is over fuck face, quit popping up on celebrity "reality" shows and die already!)
    lots more I am too lazy to list.
  6. Avril Lavigne takes away my desire to live. I cannot stand that girl. I agree too, that those who do not write their own material, nor play a musical instrument, piss me off. Oh well : -D
  7. steven seagal, rosie o donnel, carson daly, jay-z, michael moore, janeane garofulo (however you spell it)
  8. Besides all those crapass musician wannabes.
    Courtney Love
    Bush (he's a celeb too)
    Ray Ramonoe and his damn tv show cast (so very very annoying)
    reality show hosts

  9. Agreed on those ones.
    50 cent (Man, your rap sounds like shit. Go to elementary school first, learn how to talk properly and come back again.)

    The person who said Christin Aguielra -- My girlfriend absolutely loves her and her music.. And I have to say that she isn't hardly as bad as any other pop stars. She just came in at the wrong time, in a world of Britney Speares and N'Sync she was shoved into the pop category because of the sound of some of her music. Listen to the lyrics .. Be open minded -- your PUNK RAWK (rofl) bullshit isnt the only junk out there.


  10. Fear & Loathing sucked ass. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.
  11. david beckham...........WAY overrated celeb turned footballer

    famous but doesnt live up to legend
  12. yeah.....i hate 50 cent too. i hate him with an envy..... i mean his freakin thing is called the gorilla unit..... wtf gorilla..... that is exactly what he is.

    i also hate christina a. mainly because i like britney spears..... o man sooooo hot.................. i got 2 posters of her in my room ;)

    i hate the guy that played shaggy in the scooby doo movies... omg hes so freaky, he was also in 13 ghosts i think.

    - and every bad actor, or "musician" who is in it for the money... like the amercian idols for example.

    [edit] SISQO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got i hate him, he is popping up in tv shows and movies!!!! just crawl under a rock and die mother fucker!!!!!! he comes out with the thong song, and he is a one hit wonder.... wtf i can sing that song bette than him..... just sing "that thong...tha....tha...tha.....thong" over and over.... however i do sort of like the "bong song"

  13. i grew quite bored with it too. still havn't seen the end yet.

    and yes, avril lavigne.. she tries too hard. she's not even hot. she could be, but those fucked up clothes she wears ruins it for me. besides, she's only like 17 or something?
  14. ggggG-unit is a bunch of pussys.
  15. i got pretty bored watching fear and loathing too but it didnt suck ass.

  16. LOL I saw that tard at Rockefeller Center last year. He got out of a Cadillac limo. Its not very noticable on TV, but the dude has to be like 6' 5" tall (without the hair). Tall, lanky motherfucker.
  17. haha carrot top, ya i hate that guy ...im glad they dont show his 1-800 collect comercials anymore ...little word of advice, if you want to sell a product ..DONT use carrot top as a celeb endorser......

  18. yea, i think 50 gets way more credit then he deserves, hsi rap is jus lame

    on a second note, i dont hate anybody really, and i certainly aint gonna hate somebody i've never met..

    i dont even squash bugs or spiders anymore ever since i ate a 10 strip of acid, i jus realized everythins jus chillin and if its not botherin or harmin u, then y harm it (bee's need to chill out though, there always buzzin around ur face n shit like "i'ma sting u bitch)
    i'm jus a true hippie at heart

  19. 50 cent can suck a dick
    Christina Aguilera is fine as fuck but i hate her
    id tap Avril Lavigne except for those creepy clothes and the creepy makeup.... shiver and if anybody says eminem ill kick their asses lol j/k but seriously one of the best rap artists ever tupac rules to

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