what causes vomiting?

Discussion in 'General' started by ground, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. i smoked at work (i stock shelves, being a high school student) with one of my coworkers today - at the time i ate a little bit of one pop tart and drank some milk. he claimed it was really good bud, and he having smoked a lot more than i have, i took his word for it. i've smoked maybe 60 times and currently smoke about once a day (i smoke on lunch break when i work too). i only managed to get in 2 hits from a pipe, had i had my bong with ice in it i might have smoked more but i'm one of those pussies who hates inhaling uncooled smoke.

    i come home about 45 minutes later, get something to eat (cherry/cheese danish and milk) and sit down at comp, after a few minutes and hardly any eating i begin to experience incredible nausea and vertigo, i feel close to puking and close my eyes and try not to move (still very high). however the nausea continues so i decide i have to force myself to puke by opening my eyes and looking up... i throw up 5 times over maybe 15-20 minutes - fill the pastry plate with vomit, some on comp desk, a little runs onto the carpet (ugh)... i have thus far managed to avoid my dad, but he comes in and sees me sitting with my head down on my arms with a plate of puke nearby. in a stupor i try to clean up what i can, put my dishes in the sink, put my clothes in the washer and crash on my bed: 8 hours of work, massive puke session, and weed comedown put me right out.

    yeah, so i've got my problems, but the bottom line is i want to know why i threw up. i had drunk a glass of milk and eaten a couple pop tarts about 4 hours before smoking, my metabolism is really fast so i wouldnt be surprised if that was mostly processed by the time i took the hits. yeah i know milk is a really disgusting high food but i drink it with all food sober. i hadn't drunk any water or juice the whole day -- i don't really know the relationship between dehydration and vomiting. and weed dries you out, right? that's why dry mouth and dry eyes happen(?) someone help?
  2. Did you cough alot when you were hittin it?

    If I cough really hard I'll sometimes puke. In fact,
    sometimes I'll puke the next morning.
  3. jeez puking because of smoking...well im here to tell you its not the weed that made you puke Unless! *it was laced* with Coke or some thing but actually Weed is used to calm a upset stomach or nausia sense it relaxes you and your muscles so it shouldent have been the weed. now i can see you puking If you smoked say 10-16 bowls and a few blunts but not on just a couple of bong bowls With ice i mean come on some times i put hot water in my bong just because it makes the hits harder lol.
  4. i know this is off topic ground..but what is that in your icon??
  5. Marijuana acutally stops nauseia and other vommiting side effects so it was probally the milk. Yup it was the milk...
  6. a man at the point of orgasm
  7. haha great ^

    anyway i dont think it was the weed, thats weird..

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