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What Causes Nausea and Stomach Cramps When Quitting?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imageek, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I'm on a T break at the moment. My second day in. The stomach pains are awful. This always happens to me. I think I've made a post about it in the past. I still haven't found out what exactly causes this hence why I've posted this.

    I've done a good 3 hours research on this today, and I've found so many forum posts on many different forums with people experiencing the same thing. It's interesting that I can't find any scientific data (unless I've missed something).

    The feeling is like a slab of cement at the pit of my stomach. Sometimes there will be a cramping feeling, like there's a lead ball somewhere down there. Other times my mouth will fill with saliva, similar to what happens before you vomit, except I never vomit. The actual nausea is ever present though. Eventually it dies down after a few days.

    A hot bath helps alot. I'm about to go take one to see if it clears me up.

    What I would like to know if there's any scientific studies on this? What is the actual cause? I read something along the lines of the THC receptors in the gut, but how would that lead to nausea and pain?
  2. Most likely, you have something that is causing this, that the THC was covering up, as THC is known to relieve these symptoms. You should go get checked out by a doctor...
  3. I don't have any stomach issues. I get checked out regular because I had Cancer. I have regular blood tests, MRI's and xrays. This only happens when I stop smoking, and is only relieved by a hot bath. Once I've had a hot bath it's gone. It's the same symptoms reported by many who quit smoking weed.
  4. Ontop of that there's the irritation, aggitation, depression etc. I know what the problem is, I blaze too much too often. I just wanted to know if there's any scientific studies done on this. I've been here many times over the years.
  5. I've heard of cannabinoid hyperemisis, but the cause and cure is pretty much unknown. Most likely you have something wrong with your stomach like me, which doesn't show up on conventional tests but exists none the less. I smoke a little before meals to combat the nausea the key is moderation.
    Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Relieved by Compulsive Bathing
  6. Hey bud, what stomach issues do you have if you don't mind me asking?

    Yeah the constant bathing is what I'm doing at the moment. I had a bath this morning, one at 3pm and probably another before bed. It helps not only with the stomach but also with the the generally feelings of shittyness.

    I'm trying to eat right now, but my appetite is shot. Most days I can't stop eating, I love my food. I posted a thread the other day about quitting tobocco and cutting down weed, and how I put on a lot of weight. Today I am just not feeling any of it. Sucks to be honest.

    The things we do for the pleasure we enjoy. I guess the consequence its no different to a drinker waking up with a hangover and bad stomach.

    I feel like blazing, but self disipline is probably more important. 2 nights down. Another 5 to go :)
  7. I mean only a doctor after some testing could tell you what's up with your body.
    However it's isn't uncommon for bodies to do weird stuff when deprived of a substance.

    When I did long tolerance breaks, I'd be irritable. Unable to eat, cold sweats and other stuff.

    Yeah, our brains get addicted to weed, like it or not. Luckily it's just weed, probably no different than quitting caffeine.
  8. If i eat things like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, grain, artificial sugars, certain meats like pork my stomach just doesn't want to digest it and I start puking up whole chunks of food. When I'm baked it seems like I can "deal" with the nausea and pain to the point where I'm not puking/shitting my brains out all day and can wait for it to pass through my system but its still pretty uncomfortable 90% of the time. I've spent countless hours in doctors waiting rooms and even in the ER a couple times but they can't find anything medically wrong other than severe inflammation of my intestines when exposed to most foods. I've tried gluten free, keto and several other diets but none of them are effective if I don't vape a couple times a day.
  9. It doesn't have anything to do with quitting in the sense of withdrawals, you feel worse because weed naturally combats nausea, so since you aren't smoking you feel like shit. You need to either start smoking again or find another remedy.
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  11. am i too late to say your mom!
  12. This is incorrect. It's easy for people to say this and forget that cannabis can do strange stuff to our bodies. Remember, there's many THC receptors in the gut that are deprived of THC when we quit or take a T break.

    I know this because it happens every time. But, it will only last a week. Half way into the T break things subside and return to normal. It's documented in many places, and many have experienced the same symptoms with the same results.

    Some don't. Maybe those people are not regular smokers, or haven't smoked the length of time I and other have. Or maybe their body can adjust better/faster. But, it is a common problem when quitting weed and I feel it's a little ignorant to say thata the only reason for such feelings is because the weed was masking a real problem. I don't mean anything negative by that buddy, it's just a common response I see so often.

    I'm feeling much better today. My eating is normal, although food tastes a bit bland. By the end of the week I should be fine. I might do another couple weeks on this T break as my head is feeling surprisingly clear and I'm enjoying being sober at the moment.

    My reason for this thread wasn't to ask what is happening, but to instead seek scientific research to see what really goes on in our bodies when we take a T break.
  13. Damn. Do you have IBS at all? I only smoke after 6pm, by which point I've already eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I smoke throughout the day I will rarely eat. I'm kind of the opposite, I have to be sober to eat throughout the day. When I smoke at night the munchies hit like crazy. If I smoke in the day though, I get no munchies at all.

    Sounds like IBS, or a reaction to something in the foods. My friends girl is similar and is often in intense pain when eating. She too has to smoke weed to deal with food.
  14. There's a study here, but I am unable to access it without paying:

  15. IBS is what I've been most often diagnosed with, but its usually just a guess because they cant find anything else wrong.

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