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What career do you want in life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iNuBBiN, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Sup my fellow people I am currently going to college for a business degree and I am trying to decide if I want to change that career. I kinda want to be a high school math teacher but idk. Math is my strong point and I am currently a after school elementary counselor and honestly love my job. It's a cool feeling having kids look up to you and I enjoy the job. So I'm thinking about switching to teaching.

    What's career do y'all want to be in?
  2. Man im good with whatever pays for my house and food for me and my son haha.. Ive worked shit i havent liked my whole life and havent got paid shit.

    If i had the choice id be a drug abuse counselor tho, cause ive been there done that and i think i could definitely help these kids. Idk if its possible for me tho
  3. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']Man im good with whatever pays for my house and food for me and my son haha.. Ive worked shit i havent liked my whole life and havent got paid shit.

    If i had the choice id be a drug abuse counselor tho, cause ive been there done that and i think i could definitely help these kids. Idk if its possible for me tho[/quote]

    That's why I wanna be a high school teacher. I remember having one teacher who was just straight up with me and my friends. He knew we would come in high but didn't care, he would always tell us that weed wasn't bad but we are stupid if we did harder shit. We would always talk to him about anything as if he was our friend but would give us his grown up advise and we all respected him for that. I wanna be that kinda teacher because they are rare and connect to kids
  4. Marines or some other type of military, after I'm done that I'd like to be a film critic
  5. I dunno man, the only thing wrong with teaching is the salary and the amount of work you still have to do outside of school. I have a buddy who is a teacher and he doesn't make it seem as nice as its cut out to be. But I respect yalls intentions and shit man, wanting to help others is a good thing.

    I want to open my own diesel mechanic shop. Have a few cool dudes working for me so I can just collect my money without having to do much work.
  6. I'm aiming towards being a weather tracker for extreme weather like hurricanes and tornados. Just something about the weather and climate that i find extremely interesting. Namely rain, just because it's part of my name and soon to be part of my game.

    If that doesn't work out im going to learn how to operate and run naval vessels. Being captain of a ship just seems perfect to me as well. Plus if I commanded ships for a living there's no doubt i'd own my own private sailboat and just sail the world...
  7. I-o psychologist or clinical psych. they make money =0
    Imma sophomore student now in college but I was thinking of getting masters in cali, washington or anywhere else that will be legal beause I eventually want to own my own practice. Being on here I see alot of the medical benefits with cannabis (short term) for psychotic illnesses I hope to incorporate weed into my treatments on short term basis.

    Back in the day I believe government agencies use cannbius as a truth serum. I know it would be great in therapies to get clients to relax, think and be open.
  8. bro thats dope nothing like smoking and traveling
  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. When I was a young teen I used to say that I wanted to grow up to be a 17 year old stoner boy forever (I am a Miss).

    Now, I am still not so sure. I suppose I'd want to have a career involved with art, or music. Or I would like to be a comedian.

    I have never had a real job except for a daycare gig a few years ago. I've sold art and various substances, along with doing a couple of medical studies. I want to work, but only for security and life lessons that a shitty job can provide. I also have to be honest, working a shitty job that I hate and that becomes one among the many banes of my existence... Does not sound ideal in the slightest. So that is why I have avoided "real" jobs.

    Recently, I started going to, ahem, community college. It's very likely that I will also be involved in a solar panel workshop in the near future. (It would pay well) I am constantly revaluating my life at this point, so I honestly don't know. I guess I'll be a trendy little shit and quote John Lennon and say something about just wanting to be happy.

    Yeah, but being happy isn't a career choice, unless you are doing something that you love. So hopefully I can achieve this. To support myself with a career that I fully enjoy? My dream.
  10. I want to do relief work in areas that are hit hard by disaster. (Probably something medical)

    After that probably a survival/hiking guide or a teacher.
  11. I really want to work in the funeral service industry. Most of my work dealing with embalming the deceased rather than running a home.
  12. i do maintenance for a University right down the road from my house...

    make good money, excellent benefits (free tuition) and work under my father.

    i don't plan on finding another job or career path. im learning a lot about damn near everything and am able to get a hands on experience with plumbing, electrical work, HVAC repair work etc...

    its awesome, and every day at work is different so i can't get sick of it
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    famous singer, and if that doesn't work out i'll commit suicide.

    jk. i won't kill myself but if it doesn't work out, i'll open up a bookstore/lounge/coffee shop thing.
  14. Just graduated college with a Horticulture degree, trying to get work at a national park. Applying for all types of jobs in parks across the U.S.
  15. Business Tycoon/Entrepreneur/Inventor
  16. ideally, i'd like to become a well paid rich person.
  17. [quote name='"Trefoil"']ideally, i'd like to become a well paid rich person.[/quote]

    I agree
  18. Full time wanderer
  19. I would love to end up in command of a 30+ team kitchen, ( ima chef) at the moment I'm in a comfy job my head chef allows me to smoke weed if its not a busy dinner shift, he has said he understands the pressure, if you work in the catering industry you will meet so many stoners!
  20. I hope that in 20 years I will be a successful doctor. If not a doctor, then another profession that serves people directly. Also I'm gonna be a personal trainer pretty soon

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