What career do you/did you study ?

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  1. Just curious.

    I am on my second year of Biology.
    What about you blades?
  2. I'm on my second term studying to become a street pharmacist
  3. 2nd year at Georgia Tech doing information security :D
  4. I studied to be a drug counselor.
  5. I'm looking into accounting/finance with the possibility of becoming a lawyer later.
  6. im a lost boy that needs help
  7. Management Information Systems
  8. DEA agent.
  9. Animal protection/owner compliance.
  10. I cant remember the person who loves it when I mention it but

  11. Political science major, Finance minor... Not my career... but w/e... 3rd year in school also.
  12. I originally was a chemistry major. Then my second semester I switched to a physics major.
    Then I switched to computer programming and it was the best career move ever.
  13. Conservation and restoration ecology, long name but just means wildlife habitat work
  14. Mechanical engineering over here :)
  15. Degree in Electronics Engineering, system administrator, DBA
  16. art student
  17. chemical engineering last year.
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    I was just thinking about that guy the second I saw you post.


    Currently attending very early classes at a relatively late age for a Bachelor's in Human Biology, with aspirations of either becoming a Physician or a Physician's Assistant.

    If that ends up falling through, I, naturally, have decided that I will pack a bag that includes my camera and other necessities and take photographs in densely populated war zones until I am captured, tortured, killed, or given a paid position as a Photojournalist - all of which are pretty much the same thing.

    Yeah, it's a fantasy, but a good one.
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    Art student mostly pottery and printmaking (intaglio). I want to go back for more printmaking (more intaglio, color intaglio and lithography) and drawing.

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