What can you tell me about this?

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  1. [​IMG]

    -First grow,stealth grow inside of a closet
    -been few weeks outdoors before taking it indoors
    -bag seed
    -just planted it directly into the soil
    -don't know the strain
    -1 cotyledon, ? ,looks like some kind of a deformation
    -using a 120w CLS light,bout to add another one

    -8 days indoors
    -Looks like its growing 2 tops on its own :)[​IMG]
  2. Maybe your first node got topped by something outside resulting in 2 main cola's, looks like she'll grow fine man.
  3. maybe,but i don't think so,when she(I hope) started to grow,it was seeable that "1 cotyledon",so I guess that side where there is no cotyledon is deformed too
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    2 weeks indoor 


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