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What Can You Do With Vaped Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Rasta Mon, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. is there anything you can do with vaped weed
    i know you can smoke it but i hate how it tastes
    anything else, like hash or something
    figured i'd check and if there is something i can start saving it instead of giving it to my friends
  2. Pretty much nothing. You used all the thc man. Unless you want to sell it to stupid people its worthless. :eek:
  3. Actually if you save up enough (ounce or more) then you can make lots of things. Your best bet is to make oil, either iso or bho, or you can make cannabutter/oil.

    There is still a bit of thc left over after you vape your weed. Personally I've made iso oil, and cannabutter/oil quite a few times and the product always comes out good.
  4. Listen to EASYlivin. once it's black, the THC has already been fully vaporized, unless there are some parts of the bud that are still green. If not, making oil or hash just defeats the purpose as it will be too weak if having any effect at all
  5. my weed is yellow
    thats how your supposed to vaporize weed
    its not supposed to burn
    so if its black its pretty much like smoking a pipe
  6. yeah should be golden. If you only vape your bud once then you should be able to get a little bit of iso with some potentcy i mean you figure you can vape the bud twice you can get extract the last bits if you dont bake it twice
  7. i'de save atleast an ounce and make some brownies with it...just save it up and before you know it you'll have a huge bag of it that you can do many things with...but me personally, i'de make edibles.
  8. I've made QWISO with it and I love it.

    My vap'd material isn't black either. lol you got a crappy vape
  9. But if your vaping your weed until its black then its the same as smoking it not vaporizing. You should try turning the temp of you're vape down. Vaporized weed should come out light/golden brown.

    Also the potency will be about the same as using shake or whatever, your yields will just be lower.
  10. It will also only make the black sticky hash as pictured on Hashmouf's guide.

    I PM'd him about this, as I've never made QW with actual unvaped plant material. I'm too cheap, I guess but I swear the black sticky vap'd hash is killer.

    I smoked some by itsself and I smoked some dripped on buds. Both were excellent and it tasted awesome.
  11. Cook with it! There are other cannabinoids that do not get vaporized (some vaporize at a higher temp. than THC vaporizes).

    I suggest using 3x the amount of vaped bud compared to the fresh, un-vaped bud you normally use.

    I'll let you know how it goes in a week, I plan on making cannabutter and making some special cookies.

    -I have about 18 grams of vaped buds saved up so far.
  12. I've made butter before and it came out wonderful. Smelled divine and Volcanoish.

    I don't know if the cookies got me high but I know I got a little fatter. QWISO is easier to make than butter and produces something you can smoke or vaporize.

    But, both aren't bad!

  13. I might put a few g's towards some qwiso just for experimentation purposes :smoke:.
  14. Ya try making some hash
  15. i give my vaped weed to my dealer, trade it for fresh buds... he makes oil out of the vaped weed...its pretty good too.
  16. you can smoke a blunt with keif like we do ha or make cookies :hello:
  17. Yeah exactly. Around here if we do vape(rarely, we stay with the blunts) we do it until its yellowish brown, then smoke it through the vape cause we're too lazy to take it out the shit and roll it up
  18. buddy of mine has a volcano, and after we vape the weed we usually take what we vaped and throw it in a blunt with good buds, help fills the blunt and saves weed.

    and by saves weed i mean after we hit the vape we always smoke a blunt anyways lol
  19. I'm planning on making a tincture out of my vaped weed, I just need to find some food grade glycerin. I've made cannabutter out of it before and it doesn't come out extremely potent, though it's not bad.

    Whatever you do though, it's worthwhile to keep it around because vaporizing does NOT activate all the cannbidnols in MJ, there's a few that take higher temps that can only be achieved by combusting or cooking. I wouldn't smoke it though, yucky taste.
  20. yeah. vaped weed iis pretty much beat unless you sell it to noobs, or save a lot and make oil.

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