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What can you do with stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Upular, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I've been saving my stems... figured it would be abuse to toss them... what can I do with them?
  2. Something with tea or some shit I always see people posting about it, but I never tried it.
  3. Make tea! Or QWISO
  4. Dude save them up,then whem you have enough make.some cana oil.and get baked
  5. Fuck I always throw them away
  6. QWISO or edibles
  7. My friends suck on them, idk why though.
  8. Open up some t bags then put some butter and your stem in there and re staple them. Boil water. Put the water in mug. Put bags in the mug and let it sit for a while. Put a little cocoa powder and mix it up. Then drink it. Then sit down. Enjoy the high
  9. with good weed the stems are pretty small and smokable most of the time.
    Your probly talkin about mids and regs stems,in witch case id just throw them away bro
  10. make hash outta them( Make sure they are completely covered in trichs, chew them, make a tea with them.
  11. Okay, this sounds obvious but stems are what remains when you pick a nug apart, right?
  12. stand up! Rah rah rah! for the most complicated recipe for getting high I've ever seen!

    Stems are what the stuff you smoke comes off of.
  13. Grind and vape.
  14. i used to just chew them. fuck they are no good otherwise
  15. shove them up your ass, maybe use a wet paper towel...

    No for real, throw em away
  16. You might be able to weave a tiny little indian basket.
  17. Give them to a neighbor as a gift
  18. Blenderize them and sift with that big wire mesh kitchen strainer. There should be green powder (keep) on the plate and a lot of little white sticks (about 1/2 inch or less) in the strainer (toss).

    Add the powder to either alcohol or oil. With alcohol, store in a dark place and shake it now and then. After a couple of weeks pour it into a new bottle and toss the sludge. Green vodka is interesting! ;)

    With oil there are lots of recipes at GC for canna-oil! Run a search!
  19. No, there stems from the bud. I can't explain it anymore, google it.

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