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What Can We Do While HIGH?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Me and my best friend usually go to his house for the night and I arrive there at around 4 ish and we go roll a nice joint somewhere. Later at like 8-9 wen it gets dark we go near this sports center with a restaurant and a football field and like half a mile away there is this VTT course with dirt hills which we hide behind and toke. After we are blazed we just walk around and sometimes sit down and listen to music for a while.( in the air tonight by Phil Collins=amazing). After that we usually go to his house and eat a few cookies an fall asleep.

    What can we do to make this mOre exciting and adventurous.

    - it's at night probably
    - we have access to a playground
    - football field
    - road
    - nice fields

    It's Switzerland if that gives u a better idea
  2. Enjoy the fact your in Sweden :) I'd be content knowing I was getting high in Sweden.

  3. - Fuck around in the dark
    - Play on the playground
    - Play some football
    - Fuck around with the roads
    - Play in the fields.

  4. They are in Switzerland. Not Sweden :rolleyes:
  5. Play ghost in the graveyard. Its intense when your stoned
  6. Its being drunk that leads to all the adventures... :cool:
  7. ding dong ditch
  8. Ride bikes on the dirt jumps, catch air!
  9. if its a grass football field and not turf id go run around on it barefoot
  10. Fireworks!!
  11. -_- not sweden-_- Switzerland. Hate people who confuse them.

    Ding dong ditch would be pretty intense !

    Anything else?

  12. Drink.. Not joking, Everythings 200% cooler when youre drunk.. ;)
  13. you guys could make some cheese :D...or maybe sit around and talk about banking
  14. Or we could talk about stereotypical assholes. Where do u come from?

  15. haha i was just messin, well i guess i come from my fathers balls
  16. Buy a light up frisbee and play some night disc on the football field!

  17. #18 tokeysmokey23, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Why are you so content on advocating alcohol? If you haven't noticed this is a marijuana forum ;) For me I get drunk and act retarded for a few hours and that's it.

    When I get stoned I go on adventures and everything is much more cooler than I'm drunk.

    Weed makes my mind like a sponge, I just take everything in, colors, music, ideas, etc. When I drink I just act like a complete idiot and make a fool of myself, throw up and have overwhelming nausea that ruins it for me, not to mention that I feel like I'm poisoning myself every drink I take.

    And not to mention alcohol tastes like fermented donkey piss.

    Weed > alcohol IMO
  18. Go hiking or camping if there's any suitable locations in your vicinity. Or go on a bike ride.
  19. I have to agree with you about alcohol, cause half the people I ever drank with were so damn obixious when they drink. Plus when i realized how annoying drunk people can be when I'm sober or even drunk I'd just get pissed off at people. Drinking is fun at parties as long as you don't pass out but I prefer being baked.

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