What can the cops do in this situation?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flummytang, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. Hey, I was at a friends house the other night, and there were like 6 or 7 of us down in his basement smoking some weed, and his sister came home early and smelled it, so she called her dad up without us knowing. He came there, walked downstairs and smelled it too, so he said he was going to call the cops. Well he didn't, because he knows that if he would turn his two sons in for smoking weed, then they would turn him in too, because luckily their dad currently has a brick of dank in his closet at his house. So I guess my question is, what could the cops have done if they would have been called? Only one person had weed on them, so I could see how they could get in trouble for possession. But what about the rest of us? We were just a bunch of red eyed bastards playing X-box, what could the police possibly do? Could we be arrested for possession simply because it is in our systems? Just curious how this situation would have turned out if his sons wouldn't have threatened to turn him in as well... Thanks,

  2. whatever they could do i guarintee its ass-hole qualifying... and i laugh at the father that said he would call the cops with a brick in his closet.. LOL stupid shit i woulda jst said al right whoes holding :D that and hand me that damn bong :D

  3. the bastard took the weed too from the kid who had it. He's like "if you give me the rest of that quarter, I won't call the cops". I'm sure he smoked the majority of it on his way home.
  4. OH the dad wasnt at the dads house? whoes house was he at? please clearify the situitation so i may make a proper ass-hole call :D

  5. it's like this, the mom and dad split and live in separate houses across town from each other. The kids live with the mom, and visit the dad. They smoked in their mom's basement, and their sister smelled it and called their dad, he came across town to their moms and smelled it, and threatened to call the cops on everyone, told everyone to stay put while he called the police. But he ended up not calling them. If he would have though, what could the cops have done to those of us that had nothing at all on us?
  6. i think it most everywhere that if your friend had bud on him and you got caught with him even if you didnt have any bud on you you woudl get fuekd too. epscialy if you were red eyed playing xbox cause its not like you didndt no he had it

    and i odnt hitnk anybody counts thc in your system as posseion atleat most palces.

  7. im durnk sorry for any typeos

    what could they charge me for then? because if i'm not havuing any weed on me what could they possibly charge me for?
  8. im pretty sure that they would charge you with posseion too. i know that if your in a car with somebody that has bud youd be charged too ..so i dont thinks its any differnet with a basment

  9. if someone takes ownership pf the bag then they get popped, if nobody claims it everybody gets popped.
  10. oh really i did not know that *best dana carvey doing johnny carson voice* ..ya then hopefully your friend woulda down the right thing and claimed it.
  11. damn, that's rough. I wonder though if they would just charge the two kids who's house it was smoked in if no one would claim the weed. There were one or two people there that hadn't smoked, they were just hanging out, so that would have sucked if they would have gotten charged too just for being there.
  12. first i'd tax that brick and put an ounce in the sister's closet and call the cops. bury the rest of the brick and dig it up later.
  13. next time smoke with someone whose parents get high, hell smoke with their mom and dad, may get some insight plus you dont have to worry about getting cayght
  14. What kinda prick do you have to be to call the police on your own son, when you yourself smoke pot? People like that piss me off, and he deserves a cock slap right across the face with an 11 inch flacid penis traveling at 50 miles per second.
  15. Dude, whoevers penis that is, it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker. :D
  16. haha holy shit.. that made me laugh, +rep though!

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