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What can I use to roll a joint/blunt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Xch4ng3, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I don't have any rolling paper and I have a pipe but I want to know if I can roll a joint/blunt with anything besides rolling paper... ?

    What should I use?
  2. You can use bible paper. Gum wrapper with the foil taken off. Any thin paper (with no ink) really but it isn't worth it if you have a pipe right there.
  3. Go buy a pack of papers you bum...
  4. Just use the pipe theirs no need to rape your lungs
  5. I am smoking a bible joint now. :)
  6. $1.51 for 2 blunt wraps. Dont be cheap.

  7. $1.40 for ~30 papers. Definitely be cheap and don't put tobacco in your lungs if you can help it :wave:
  8. Tobacco isn't the problem man, it's the shit they cut it with. Buy a swish and face it.

  9. I don't comprehend. The shit they cut it with? :confused:
  10. [quote name='"Yosh139"']

    I don't comprehend. The shit they cut it with? :confused:[/quote]

    Naturally cured tobacco vs commercially processes tobacco

    If a cigar wrap is the worst your doing, your not doing bad.
  11. you take the tobacco out of the blunt?

  12. That's true, but I personally try to avoid anything tobacco because I'm afraid to get addicted again :D

    A blunt wrap is (basically) a big tobacco leaf. I try to stay away from tobacco. Good day sir :wave:

  13. Dang did not even know that man. Thanks, i normally just do joints but i did not even know that about the wrap being tobacco. Ill stick with joints now lol.

  14. Haha good, no lung cancer for you then. :p
  15. While swishers and other cigar wraps do contain tobacco leaf it is extremely possible to buy blunt wraps without tobacco content such as Juicy Js or something.

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