What can I use to burn my weed faster?

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  1. I have about a half a gram of some really crystally dank shit that I wanna smoke. However, the problem is the only thing i have to smoke it out of is a little dry piece which has a bowl so small that it can only hold a pinch of weed (the ammount i have left will be around 4 large bowls).
    I bought it for 5 bucks so its pretty shitty but still. When i do hit it it hits really weak and can't get good airflow.
  2. Make a gravity bong. It's so simple and so powerful.
  3. what can i use as a bowl though
  4. Wow, going from a little sneak-a-toke to a GB, that's a big step. That's gonna rip your head off, if you set it up correctly.
  5. Well you cant really do much about the bowl if you want to be safe. The bowl should be glass or acrylic or metal and if you change if from that it can be damaging to the throat/lungs/ and other body parts. Your best bet would be to obtain a large nut *One in your garage/auto shop/ tool box* and create a nice peice out of it. EX being gravity bong, regular bong..

    IMO what you have going right now is good. You dont got to much power behind it so your bud doesnt get torched (Losing alot of the THC) Perhaps it just needs a good cleaning? Get rubbing alcohol and clean it out or get a small thin insense stick and if it doesnt go through the hole, the hole is definatly not big enough... Good luck matey keep token :smoke:
    ALSO you can go to a local headshot and buy a bowl with a downstem and create soooo many things to your liking with simply electrical tape, and non-toxic adhesives..
  6. Get a better piece?
  8. noooooooooooooo
  9. If your 18 then get a job and buy a $20 pipe and a $1 lighter and have urself a party :smoke:
  10. :smoking:roll a jointt man
  11. Why do you need a piece. Just roll a joint, or a blunt. God people are so quick to think oh i need a pipe, and make themselves a plastic death trap. Just get some zig zags, or a brand of your preferance, maybe some juicy jays if you want some flavor. Then roll a nice fatty. Honestly don't tell me that joints waste large amount of weed, they honestly don't.
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    Except they do. There have even been studies comparing the amount of THC wasted in different methods of smoking. Joints/Blunts are at the top for wastefullness.
  13. Where I live, all of those statements can be wrong.
  14. go pick up a pack of ur fav papers?

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