What can I use for Odor Control?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LilDize, May 11, 2011.

  1. i have tried the odor neutralizer gel from CVS and it barely works....supposedly it is similar to ona gel but i dont think it works for shit! i also use febreeze extra strength and it seems to work but not long. i need to spray every couple of hours but i dont because i dont want it affecting my plant. i spray maybe once a week though. still i would like to get something that works all the time. im considering buying ona gel to see if it works any better but i am skeptical now. any ideas will be greatly appreciated!:smoke:
  2. buy a carbon filter now and save yourself wasting money on things that dont work.
  3. damn well i want to but i really couldnt explain to you why i probably wont be able without explaining my entire grow box. basically though, i would need to figure out how to use active carbon without making a fixed filter. i would need to somehow figure out how to use the active carbon by stuffing somewhere in the box itself or out the back hole for the exhaust. my worries are right now i can keep a steady 80F with a somewhat of a weak fan. if i stuff something w/ carbon in it in the back hole, i dont think it would push air through resulting in higher temps. any ideas??:eek:
  4. I use a combo of a Carbon Filter, DIY ONA Odor Control, burning incense when I am home. The room I have my grow tent in when I leave I have towels stuffed around the doors.
  5. Never can overdo odor control.
  6. You need to invest in a proper exhaust fan with a carbon filter. Not even just for the smell but for the health of your plants. To me it seems like there's not enough airflow.

  7. I agree! Other then babbling to your friends that you grow thats the leading cause of getting caught. I think people underestimate the smell level that mj produces.

    Thats why I suggest a grow room not be in a bedroom living room etc..a remote part of the house/apt that you can isolate. Then odor it up!

    I use my spare bathroom for my grow tent..lol. No one goes in, has room, has a exhaust built into the ceiling that helps a little..actually helps a fare amount surprisingly.
  8. Damn how I wish for a spare bathroom...
  9. i feel ya. how i wish i had my own place!

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