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What can i use for a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by uncleet, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I havent got any sockets or anything that I see GC has reccomended using.
  2. foil which is bad but if u cant find anything else or u can find something that resembles a bowl and drill a hole in or something. if metal make sure u get off all the chemcials
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    a XXL 24oz monster can...rlly bad for you though

    EDIT-dont do it i was desperate today and did it and it raped my lungs...just step up and buy a bowl
  4. what works well is the pen hitter technique.... uhmmm shower head peices... saltshaker heads work great.... a metal top like to a sobe bottle if ur desprate....
  5. The only thing with using painted aluminum and brushed metals is that the stuff you burn and smoke is very bad for you, you might to pick up a glass piece. I am not a fan of using metal bowl pieces, gets too hot
  6. When i was younger my friends and I would take an empty water bottle, burn a whole in the front and a smaller hole in back for a carb, get a slab of tin foil, poke little holes in it and wrap it around the top of the bottle, push it in a little. Makes a water bottle pipe.
    Though i'm not sure tin foil is good for you, try to avoid burning it.
  7. Try and use glass when possible.
  8. Carve a bowl out of an apple. It's probably the least harmful material to make a homemade piece out of and you can eat it after your done smoking.
  9. oh that brings back some fond memories
  10. i would say the safest bet is going to your local smoke shop and get a legit peice. or just buy from your stoner friends someones usually selling one
  11. You can make your own piece with a $20 bill and a head shop.
  12. im tempted to try that
  13. when i was younger me and my friends used to do this every day for 2 years straight and it hasnt fucked up my brain...yet
  14. Check out gravity bongs, they get you higher than other home made pieces.
  15. I have to agree with the statement about the apple. Just make an apple pipe, no foil. All you need is basically a ballpoint pen and maybe a knife or spoon to carve the bowl. Then when you're done it should still be edible.

    The Genius
  16. unless you're underage go to a head shop or record store and get a glass slide for less than $5
  17. Even if your underage there are shops you can find that will look the other way.
    Although i do not condone nor endorse that any one does that....

    Any how ya or get someone who can go into the store and get you one.
    happy hunting

    -AK Ninja
  18. make an apple pipe, foil leads to alzheimers :(
  19. haha definitley.
    thats exactly what i use to do when i first started smokin with my 2 buddies in 8th grade

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