What can I smoke besides cigs?

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I only smoke cigs because it is something to smoke, Id like to find something else that I can roll myself, have it taste pleasant, won't cause cancer, and my has some sort of mild psychoactive effect.
  2. weed. :D

    and ya, i'm the same way..
  3. crack cocaine.
  4. Weeds your best bet bro...

  5. GTFO the boards troll.

    you could smoke clove cigaretts.
  6. because i can fire up a j at the bar or walking down the street... OBVIOUSLY NOT TALKING ABOUT WEED
  7. salvia gives you a tweak. idk about a joint tho
  8. hookah... no mild psychoactive effects
    but smoke it after weed!
  9. smoke snow in a igloo i saw a inuit try this once didnt work very well the snow just melted and he sucked up water i was like wtf r u doing
  10. lmfao.... wtf :laughing:
    Smoke hookah man... It taste great and last a while.. you can smoke it constantly too.. Smells great..

    Yea, I know what you mean about the cigs tho... I feel the same way..
  11. I can't smoke hookah in my car... I'm looking for something that can replace my cigarette smoking habbit (not addiction, for some reason nicotine isn't particularly addicing for me)
  12. Did all these people just take the OP too seriously?
  13. smoke spice gold
  14. I don't know why everyone keeps saying "smoke hookah"

    It's called shisha, it's vaporized and inhaled through a hookah. You cannot smoke shisha.
  15. can you use shisha in anything but a hookah?
    cause i can sit and smoke it all day

    kinda inconvenient with a 2 ft hookah.
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    Theres a lot of stuff you can smoke check out a herb shop but idk about the not causing cancer part as far as I know weed smoke is one if not the only smoke that wont cause cancer because of the THC.

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