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What can I put on the walls of my grow spot?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by x2abus, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I have a night stand the i have rigged so its about 4 feet tall, and the base is a square foot. I would ike to line the walls so its not laminated wood with a light in there.
    I know tinfoil is a no go, I do not have white paint.
    could I possibly use a white bed sheet? or is there anything that would be better?

  2. If your on a budget just pick up some white glossy paint..pretty cheep. A bed sheet? You want it to be reflective an shiny just buy some spray paint man!
  3. I have considered white glossy spray paint on card board to line mine with because currently budget is an issue.
  4. If you can score some Mylar you wouldn't need much for your set up
  5. Emergency blanket material
  6. Paint will take forever for the smell to completely clear out so caution on that one. You can use white trash compactor rolls and white duct tape. Yes, its ghetto but for people who may not have access to the proper supplies that is a good alternative to panda film. One tool that may be needed is a industrial stapler.

    White paint or plastic is about 95% reflective efficient and mylar is 98% so not much of a difference.
  7. White trash compacter rolls? What is that?
  8. Emergency blankets are 99 cent, get some voila
  9. I think I'm going to do that, dollar emergency blankets though? Where at?
  10. Today is only Jan2nd try and find some mylar backed christmas wrapper on clearance its 1-2mil thick.
  11. They are rolls of white trash bags (white plastic)
  12. Panda film is nice.

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