what can i get to store a standard blunt in a dangerously squishy backpack

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ChillerKraft, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. like.. i have this dube tube to store joints in. but i need something bigger, and probably different.. any ideas?
    btw this is my first post :)
    hey everyone!
  2. www.witzsportcases.com
  3. Welcome

    a 5 minute walk thru your 7/11 will help

    I have used tooth brush holder case in the past

    even a school pencil case for the big doobies

    good luck
  4. idk which categorie might have a good doobie case.. i dont think im gonna by some random container online unless its for doobs or prettymuch for doobs lol
  5. yes yesss i probably have toothpaste tubes or gettin some soon yay thannkyou!

    also. pencil cases. yes thankyou! small ones could work pretty good. most are very sturdy and durable
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  6. Opps my favorite years back

    was a candy box the shape of a cell phone

    they had big cell phone back then ...lol
  7. lol i was thinking nahh those r too small then u said theres big ones and i was like wahhhhh i was missin ouuuut
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  8. Ive used an empty deoderant before going to Summer Jam. Just put the top over it and its concealed and smells fresh
  9. Suit yourself. Mine is awesome. Waterproof. Smellproof. Will hold 7 or so dubes. I've bought them for smoking friends and ALL love them. Their fitness for purpose is stellar.
    I suppose you think plant nutrients need a cartoon with a Rastafarian on the front to grow weed.

    Oh and its the $6.95 ID case I have.
  10. I re purpose a metal breath mint case for joints.
  11. Cigar tube.
    You may have to buy a decent, fat cigar that has it's own case, or perhaps you know a cigar aficionado?

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  12. case for glasses, the're big enough and usually hard as to protect the glasses inside
  13. wanna go 007 style hollow out a highlighter or large marker case

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