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What Can I get Medical For????

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Druggerdude, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. I dont wanna just make it up and lie and say i have something i dont i wanna know what are the reasons for it .

    Also does anyone know any cool doctors in California that will prescribe it.
  2. IMHO you shouldn't get a fake prescription made out. Sure it'd be great to hook up like that, but there are people out there who truely need the herb as their medicine. People that get a prescription and don't need it give medical MJ a bad name. My 2 cents.
  3. yes i know a doctor in california.... i belive you can get his phone number from his website , just call him up and ask him what are some legitmate reasons to get approved for medical weed............ This guy is a legit doctor so your gonna have to bring medical records from your current doctor proving that you really have what you say you do.

    I also agree with the other 2 people in this post, people who try to lie to get medical weed only make it worse for the really sick people in the long run.

    i dont condone lying to get medical weed....weed defintally aint hard to come by in california so if you dont need medical weed you realy have no reason to lie about needing it...but if thats what you really wanna do then migranes are the #1 thing you can lie tests can actually prove if you have migranes or not, they just have to ask about the symptoms and see if you are lying or not so if you know alot about migranes you can lie about it pretty easily...........happens in lawsuits all the time people get in a car accident then claim they get mirgranes now and they sue.
  4. I've heard that you can receive medical for Epilepsy, is this true? I live in Oregon right now, I just know whenever I smoked it made that sick feeling (right before you have a seizure) go away immediately! It also has way less sideffects than my currant seizure medicine :( Will somebody please help me learn more about this?

  5. I agree

    We live in Oregon and my wife is in the OMMP program, if you need anymore info you can email us and we could try and fill ya in on what we know or links
  6. I've been trying to find out more about the medical uses, but each site I go to, usually says, it's allowed in Canada, and isn't practiced much in the US, or like in the case of *Gordan and Devinsky, says that "human research on the effects of marijuana on seizure activity are inconclusive." or "may be specific to partial or tonic-clonic seizures" I still have partial complex seizures (even taking the meds the doctors perscribed) , and it's aweful, I've had two grand mal seizures, I just remember waking up with a dislocated jaw and lots of EMT's around me telling me to settle down, how can you settle down when you don't know what's going on and you can't talk? Only when I got to the hospital did I know what happened.

    Now when I have partial's, I feel sick, like the room is spinning, (but with the sick feeling growing mixed with deja vou feeling) I think, "not again" and slowely I'll start to forget... everything... where I am, that it's just a seizure and will go away in time, even who I am... talking or noise makes it much worse, but you can't get away from it, I end up running out of whatever room I'm in, because whatever is in that room triggered it (could be a computer monitor, could be the TV, It could just happen with no real reason). My first response, Get out of the room! It fallows me until I'm left with the feeling of wanting to die... some last longer than others, I'm not sure why. You feel sick the rest of the day, and having one only makes the chance of having more the same day higher, and the worst thing is you know you can't do anything about it because the medication you are given takes hours to work. I used to have some herb set aside just incase that were to happen again, some reason, I don't know why, it always made that sick feeling instantly go away, and it wouldn't bother me for the rest of the day. I still don't know who I should talk to about the possability of medical helping me or where I should go to find more information. It seems the internet is all about advertising these days :( *sighs*

    thanks again for the help highgirly420 and greenleafduo
  7. stuff like that gets me really pissed off at our gov't. i don't understand why when it obviously DOES help with stuff like seizures (and i know how bad they can be, a good friend of mine has them everyonce in a while, always scares me half to death) then how can they just continue to say no because of some bullshit law that was passed almost 60 years ago that had no real scientific backing in the first place? our gov't really doesn't want to move with the times...
  8. thanks for the info. i've been thinking about applying, but i don't have a family doctor. How do you go about asking for medical MJ? "hey doc, pot is the only thing that makes me well?"
  9. migrain headachs is a big reason for mm and aids patients, and cancer patients going threw chemotheopy and that fibromyalsia were people just hurt all the time. i believe in the mm system. it makes a die'ing person fell nothing, and thats better than starving or the pain

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