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  1. hi guys this is my first grow i have 30 armageddon plants which where veged until 20inch i am growing in cocco using three 10 pot willma systems so easy to use. and then put into flower using a 600w hps lamp on a light mover also been using duch masters liquid light every 2 days which they seem to love coz at the end of the day all leaves are point straight up and the days i dont use it there all flat.and fed on dutch masters gold i also have a unis co2 controler letting out co2 every 4mins in short bursts while the lights are on my temp is betwwen 75 and 85 and my humidity is 45% and 50%:smoking: they are now in there third week and are all 3half ft tall now whith big thick stems and are all looking gr8 just wondering what sort of yeild i can expect any ideas guys :)
  2. did i read right? 30 plants ? and only 1 600 HPS? not enough for a good yield. you need maybe 1 or 2 more lights for that many plants. they are going to get big as well.

    the rest of the specs are ideal
  3. hi yes you read right but i have it on a light mover so all getting even light and also spray whith liquid light every 3 days which supposed to magnify the light 50% check it out on www.duchtmaster.com.au no i dont work for them lol but i know a few guys using it and there are very impressed also since spraying my plants have started using the water in the tanks twice as fast thats got to be a good thing hasnt it?
  4. ah i see you have a mover. ok well how long is the time from where 1 plant gets light til it does a full circle again?
  5. lol to be honest i never realy timed it my m8 it is 1.5mtrs long and and have the light hung 14inchs above the tops cos it on the move i have no burnig plus i have 2 ocolater fans aimed at the tops and 2 smaller fans at the bases and also have my intake hose pointing down the rail to cool things down a bit it lingers at each end for approx 1 minute i also rotate the plants around every couple of days. well i will have to wait and see wont i it my first time growing but been reading and whatching dvds about it for years and finealy got the balls to do it lol.i am in the 3rd week on sunday and all plants are covererd in buds so lets hope they grow big and fat cant wait its like waiting for xmas lol but been reading about for years
  6. ok sounds good. post some pics if you can so we can see better and help
  7. sorry m8ty but not posting pics beacause this whole coversation is fiction ;)
  8. wtf.. your dumb
  9. why beacause i dont want to put evedence on here hmm who the dumb ones!!
  10. lol you know how much evidence is on here? and you think your pics is going to do anything or get you in trouble? no way
  11. lol but better safe than sorry huh
  12. lol a bit of healthy paranoia will keep us out of all out of jail even though it is wrong and injust for growing one of god creations .i only come on here for some advise guys just wanna stay safe :)

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