What can I expect to yield per plant?

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  1. I have a 24 plant set up with a 1000 watt lamp. Using techniques from the "grow bible". Out door did really well, now moving indoor to the hydro set up. How many ounces can I expect to yield per plant?

    Average for outdoor seemed to be around 1 ounce.


  2. "The Bible" gives you the formula.

    Optimum is 0.5 grams per watt for every month in bloom.

    It is not per plant.

  3. so if you are new to hydro don't expect this on your first grow. ;)
  4. If you are old to hydro, don't expect this.

    It is the indicator that you have your act together and a target to strive for.

    That is dried, no lumber or lying either.

  5. I agree I just didn't want him to be disappointed if he didn't hit that number. :smoke:
  6. Thanks for the quick response.
    I am implementing the clones tomorrow and expecting a first harvest in December at the latest. I can expect around 17 ounces? The only reason why I bug is because I am trying to put together cash flow projections and that is the largest variable in my equation.

    Again 1000watt light, using plastic tubs have the ventilation, humidity, temperature and carbon filter all squared away.
  7. I wouldn't "count my chickens" so to speak.

    I can (almost) guarantee you that you will not get more then that.

    If you are good maybe 60% of that mark.
  8. You seem like this isn't your first rodeo, do you have any tips for CO2? I might have access to a cheap tank and I read it can almost tripple your yield. Any experience with this?
  9. I been wondering why people grow so many plants when you could have the same result with WAY less plants, less hassle and way less liability in case shit hits the fan.

    I been reading this forums for MONTHS and with that knowledge mange to get 11.71oz out of a single "rumple bucket" L.A. confidential. scroged under a 400w with general hydro nuts and a pirex diy cool tube on a 2x3x5 room.

    that was my first ever legit grow, beside some bagseeds on the wild

    i just got 3 more 400 watters and just going to expand my room sideways.

    why is people growing this massive amount of plants to get 1-3oz a peace?
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    Some people brag about quantity and forget quality is what counts (in my book anyway).

    I have been doing this for several years now after abandoning outside grows (too much paranoia).

    Ok, as for C02, I have two 22 lb tanks that I use (one is the spare) and I use a timed release as I have a vessel type container vs a leaky enclosure so I can do some math and guesstimate the amount I need to bleed into the area.

    (no flaming please)

    This is not "optimum" as you will not get any argument from me that a monitor is the only way to be sure of the mix.

    For the 6 plants I grow and the quality I get, I can't justify the cost of a monitor, but I may change my mind and it is very easy to add in if I choose.

    The system has evolved over time (Six Sigma training) for the better, except when I did an "upgrade" to copper pipe for the air delivery system and killed almost everything.

    (I posted a thread about this).

    Anyway, a friend of mine has determined that he is better off growing fewer plants as he gets a better yield and that seems to be the ticket.

    A bunch of crowded plants doesn't allow the buds to really develop.

    You can search "fogponics" and there are pics of my rig.

    The biggest improvement I got in the quality of my grow (WW) was when I added a chiller.

    WOW is all I can say, and worth every dollar it cost.

    C02 helps also but I didn't really notice a bigger yield, although the grow always has great color and is very healthy.

  11. Man how long did you veg? I got 5.5oz off one plant in a rumple bucket vegged for 37 days from seed. This time I've got 2 that vegged from clone almost 3 months. I really wanna see 10oz at least this time.
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    I'm not bragging about anything lets just call it a beginner who did his home work luck. I feel you on the whole quality deal, i really feel i gave it my all on this one and she paid off. Besides i don't live in cali, we have only 2 categories here "regs" or "exotics" 800-1200 for the mexibrick or 48-52 for exotics; and this shit will go quick, besides i just got some jack for me and my friends anyways.

    6 weeks and like 3-5 days if i remember correctly. I started LST'ing her mad early, she was a fat little bush before she even made it through the screen. I used a cooler instead of a bucket, i was kind of broke at the time and didn't have the money to buy all them fittings and shit, i had a cooler laying around with a drain already so that took care of that. I believe that has a lot to do with it since most of the comparable grows i seen where done on big tubs. Thats just me speculating; like i said... that was my first grow.

    now to the op, search for Rumpleforeskin i learned tons from reading his threads, he use o2 and says the best benefit of o2 is the ability to have real short vegging cycles, he vegges for only 10 days from clones.
  13. That's what I do man. 4-way lst those bitches then put em through the screen, rip everything off the bottom that's not getting light. The 5.5oz plant was my 2nd grow ever. I think even if I had more space, (i'm 2x4x7ft in a tent right now), I'd just hook up about 8 or 10 buckets and do it the same way.

  14. How close can u get your light? My temps were completely fine but i made a cool tube regardless and that seem to made the difference. I put that light right on top of her with no problem. I did a 5 foot grow box thinking it was just gonna be a wide bush and the branches end up real close (lack of experience with the strain). My cooler alone was like 17 inches, plus the hood took about an other 9" so that left me with 3 1/2 feet to play with. My branches were touching the tube with no problem at all.
  15. I got a cooltube. You can see that whole grow in the link in my sig, then toward the end of the thread you can see my 2 plant grow. It's about 4-5 weeks into flower now. 2 yumbolt 47s. Can't wait.
  16. You would yield more if you just veged 4 plants in dwc buckets till 3 ft tall then bloom with your 1000 W. Hang the light from the ceiling with a light hanger vertically without a hood. Drop the light down in between all of the plants while still keeping at least 6" distance from branches. You will pull at least 4 oz per plant with this method considering everything else is dialed in. Turn your plants every few days to insure everything gets light. Be sure to trim the middle of the plant down so light can penetrate. Vertical lighting is the way to go! Good luck man...

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