What can I expect from mj that lists "Visual" as an attribute?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chariot, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. The title is pretty much the question. I have been looking at different strains with different seed companies and sometimes I see "Visual" or "Very Visual" listed in the description.

    If you have had the experience, when would you describe mj as visual and what did that mean for you?

    Thanks for any comments or input.

  2. You mean visual distortions and whatnot?
  3. I thought I knew what visuals were until I tried unmentionables.

    Only visuals with weed I've had is colors may seem a bit brighter and sometimes I see shit out of the corner of my eyes.
  4. Visuals, like, trips? man ive never had "visuals" off of weed.. if you want visuals.. you should go to the clubs and look for Molly or lucy, the girls ;)
  5. Can't really get visuals off of bud. You get like a vivid imagination, perhaps thats what it means.
  6. Youll feel Alot like Mr. Turtle here:

    Nice bright enhanced colors, Nothing like those of whom we do not speak though.
  7. closed eye visuals i guess. i don't know what else it could mean.
  8. Some strains make it look like I'm looking through a wide angle lense and I notice detail more
  9. CEV's maybe? Unmentionables are about the only thing thats going to give you visuals.
  10. The only thing I can think of is, for example, you wake up on a beautiful sunny day, blaze nice and early, and everything just seems that much more cheerful, brighter, etc.
  11. Maybe Durban Poison or another African landrace
  12. LSD is suppose to give you visuals... the only time i ever saw trails like a cid trip was using a canna cap...


    the pic was stolen to show a visual of canna cap
  13. Hey, Thanks everyone!

    That is pretty much what I had in mind. Just wanted to check with the community.

    If I grow something "Visual" and have anything to report back, I certainly will.

  14. You can get really vivid closed eye visuals. For example one time I was listening to music and I closed my eyes and suddenly I was seeing me slide down a large slide made of pink ribbon with a black background and green colored musical notes floating all around me.

    Once after smoking blue goo or raspberry goo (can't reall remember) I put some jimi on my headphones and stared at the wall (in the dark) and I pictured jimi on stage doing his thing to the song. But it looked like a projection, a 3D projection. It was trippy.

    And sometimes it just makes everything brighter. Other times it makes everything sparkly or shiny.
  15. yeah, i love that feeling

  16. "uh, yes waiter.... ill have what ^ he's having";)
  17. Also visual can mean you feel it in your eyes
  18. Cannabis does produce visual distortion and distance perception which can be considered to be "visuals". And if one get high enough, they know the feeling of "cartoon vision" all to well. In my opinion they can be considered to be visuals. Of course nothing in comparison to a moderate to strong dose of quite a few unmentionables...
  19. I remember now a long time ago, two decades past actually, I was smoking and a number of us had also been enjoying a keg of cold beer; a rarity for me. We went upstairs to a type of attic den and there were very comfortable chairs to recline in. (Set and setting?) I think it was some instrumental Floyd or Yes playing, ... sorry, to long ago to remember. I closed my eyes and there was a scene of a future world. A sort of star base on a planet. Everything was bright and I must have been looking at some sort of landing bay as there were two ships not unlike the Emperors ship from The Empire Strikes Back. What really struck me was that amidst all of this higher technology was all of this lush ivy and vegetation. It was not one at the expense of the other. The ivy was as green and alive as the small starships were sleek and advanced.

    I guess deep down, I was kinda hoping "visual" meant that.


    No, not really. I wouldn't be able to function. And that was with my eyes closed. But thanks for bringing back the memory.


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