what can i do?

Discussion in 'General' started by DailyDealer, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. what can i do with 5 grams of weed. i want to make it into THC pills or whatever something that will fuck me up. like hash and stuff.

  2. make a batch of brownies. make it as small as possible so its densely packed with weed

    just get any brownie mix that uses oil. then grind weed up and put it in oil and heat it on a stove until the thc is extracted

    then use that oil to make edibles
  3. you can smoke it
  4. lol when you bake the brownies wont it smell like weed everywhere???
  5. no it doesnt really smell at all. even when the stove started smoking, didnt smell like it. my mom was in the house as i did it. i just put a lid on it
  6. DUDE YOUR SO SMART i hope i can do it!!!!!
  7. ehh make firefrackers. make a few of those. use 3.5 grams to make 2 or 3. smoke up the rest
  8. firecrackers are easier to make for small batches. dont need brownie mix or anything like that. just crackers and peanutbutter.

    Takes less time as well. Search firecrackers. use the oven method, that has the best results
  9. Make brownies then shove it up your ass. Jk don't do it.
  10. firefrackers?
  11. this recipe calls for five grams. just keep hitting the next button in the bottom right corner

    Pot Brownies
  12. firecrackers... all you need is crackers, peanutbutter and ground up weed

    use the search tool for firecrackers you'll find threads with recipes and instructions.

    you grind up the weed, put it on the crackers covered with peanbutter, make them into a cracker sandwchih. Then you wrap them in tinfoil and bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes

    Theres another recipe where you dont have to cook the firecracker at all. you just wrap it up in waxpaper and let it sit for a week. The natural oils and fat from the peanbutter draws out the thc. Get you nice and toasty
  13. LOL! maybe i am looking for stelf
  14. stelf? did you mean stealth?

    well if thats what you ment firecrackers are more stealthy than brownies. you dont have to make butter.
    and as far as wrapping up the firecracker and letting it sit for a few days, well you can stash it about anywhere and it will still be good.

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