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  1. hello all im a noob on this forum , as a teen i spent alot of time on thcseeds.com forum and learned alot until they got shut down...

    anyway ive done alot of cloning , and outdoor growing but i was a teen , used cheap soil and miracle grow. got vibrant healthy planst but in this part of canada... mold always hit before they could finish.

    anyway i wanna do some indoor now.. and need some experienced helpers.

    i know the basics.. but unsure of how to hook things up , my main concern would be the following , ill number my questions so noone gets lost.. i tend to ramble and lose the questions in the ramblings...

    1) as a beginner i was thinking of starting with 1-2 lights the bumping it up to 4 evenutally... with 1 or 2 lights... would i need a air conditioner? there expensive as hell

    2- if i do the fresh air in and out instead of a closed system then do i need a co2 burner? cuz this equip is expensive... and im just basically lookin for a pound a light... 2 lights wouldbe perfect.

    3 temp control? not sure how to control it , like at all... turn the fan on when its hot
    ? is there an automatic one?... like for temp control i am oblivious as to how to regulate it?

    4 also , saw a vid fromt he guys at thc seeds... they try after about 5 weeks on 12/12 they switch to anywhere from 13-14 hours of light , say it really makes a difference , anyone try that?.

    5 - and can i do two strains in the same room , provided that their all 100 percent female? i dunno why i asked that ofcourse i can!

    my motivation is , well i live in the lower mainland bc canada and about 5 years ago u could get all different kinds of bud at a fair price , now prices are wayyy up.. and the commercial growers only grew 3 strains... so its like for the last 3 years people only see these 3 strains and even those are dyin off to the one strain...

    C STRAIN , the mainly most common one

    hashplant which is great but never ever see it anymore

    and juicy fruit a.k.a fools gold. a.k.a jamaican a.k.a grapefruit.. this bud use to be the most common , looks so good butpeople hate it cuz it dont get u past a certain high. .. its got alotta names haha

    id like to bring back some pure , fruity blueberry , that skunky soar fruittttty tooottty that i miss so much and havent seen since i was like 15..

    anyone know of any reputable seed banks in my area?(vancouver) and i mean reputbale , cuz i know of seed banks, but its so sketchy i mean how do i know im getting that strain... u know?

    thanks again guys look forward to reading ur responses

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