What can I do with this space?

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  1. Ok, I have a new space I've never used before its dimensions are 19"high x 58"long x 29"deep

    PS from the dimensions - I plan on growing soil

    The lights I have so far to use are 1 20" 33w Gro Light, 1 24" 75w Gro Light, 2 24w Spiral Lights (And I'm probably going to buy 1 or 2 more today, and might add a couple more when it comes to flowering)

    So, how can I use this space for my setup

    ...Given its lack of lots of height, when the plants are how tall should I start flowering? I'll prolly have a max height of 17" if I put the lights above, but once before I heard something about growing horizontal a long time ago...

    Thanks in advanced for any help...
  2. Your really not going to do much with that height, you can start flowering at 12", but the final height even on the smallest strains will be around 3', thats above the pot!
  3. yea i figured that out after the post
  4. I designed a small growing area a while back and read up a lot on it but have decided to put it on hold for a while..Anyway, i remember reading about a "Sea Of Green" method where you make your plants flower early by controlling the amount of daylight you make them think they have. By turning the lights on less and less over a period of time, the plants think that winter is coming and flower at any height that you may want. Hence instead of a few tall plant mature plants, you get lots of little mature plants..might be worth reading up on..hmm..i just realized how fuckin high i am at the moment..peace.

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