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What can i do with my resin?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by rustybonghit, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. so im cleaning my pipe its hagerd as fuck theirs resin oil coming from the bottom of my bowl pack coming out and bubiling when i smoke out of it and its not clear anywear now i smoked resin meny times before but i was wondering if anyone knows of anything els its good for? i like the high i get from resin but the only thing i dnt like is the taste can i do anything about that, and is their anything els that can make it not as oily i wrap little balls in flavored rolling papers and then just use a bong or pipe to smoke it. If u guys know anything els that would be of use to me let me hear it im all ears :D
  2. get rid of it or make hash
  3. how would i go about making hash from it just dry and compress or what
  4. Mix it with a bowl of fresh green, put the resin on the weed, and hit it, itl take away the flavor, and get u completely fucked! Hoep it helps!:smoke:
  5. ya i do that too i like that but is their anything i can do like make hash from it or something like that mabey if i add a bunch of keef to it
  6. i think it would be a waste of time....i mean its just resin clean you pipe and either just toss it or put it aside for a rainy day..i would just toss it though...lol i had a pretty sick piece all inside out glass sick patterns and everything used it for about 2 years or so maybe less and gave it to my sister inlaws boyfriend cause i didnt want to clean all the nasty shit out lol he loved it cleaned it out himself and got about 2g of resin lol maybe more he still uses it today

    adding keif to resin would be a waste of keif... just put the keif on some fresh greens... forget about resin lol its like all the nugs smoked out of it took a shit and your smoking there shit haha
  7. true that i guess i dnt need to be smokin bud turds ill save it for a rainy day i got about 2.3 now and i just cleaned the stem still got the bowl pack leaft and by the clear hole so im sure i can get around 4 g out of it mabey more
  8. Save it for a rainy day?
    Or crumble it up and sprinkle it over your bowl/stash jar
  9. throw it away because it's the tar leftover from your weed.

    it's like smoking the yellow at the bottom of your cigarette butts.

    :eek: gross.
  10. I don't know how long you have been toying with the resin, but it don't bother me at all. Possibly an aquired taste. And chances are good that there is higher precent of THC in your little resin balls then is actually in the grass you smoked to create it.

    If the taste bothers you that much, don't smoke it unless you're spent and you can't find any bud. I hate to see you waste it, I love the resin high.
  11. you could throw it off a cliff, into a fire, or try freezing it and then burying it, or you could use it to seal up leaks on a broken glass. whatever you do dont fucking smoke it.
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    myth. thc burns at 365 degrees. that flame to your green burns all the thc, it's in your lungs. the end. the TAR is all that is left. (not resin, resin is the TRICHOMES on cannabis) the TAR in your bowl is other cbns that burn at a much higher temperature than thc. you're smoking the waste material.
  13. Burning weed is not the best way to ingest THC it does not ALL go into your lungs as you put. I don't remember the exact precentage but it's definately not 100%, the most optimal way is the Vaperizer. And even that only takes in the 90's of a precent of the THC from your green.

    So there is a loss of THC where is it going, 1 of 2 ways, it's sticking to this "Tar" as you put it and its going up in the air when you see that hit escape off the top of your bowl when you stop inhaling to take a second to breathe.
  14. Marijuana produces THCA, an acid with the carboxylic group (COOH) attached. In its acid form, THC is not very active. It is only when the carboxyl group is removed that THC becomes psychoactive. When marijuana is smoked, the THC behind the hot spot is vaporized as the hot air from the burn is drawn through the joint or pipe bowl to the unburned material. The liquid THC and most other cannabinoids have a boiling point of between 180-200 C (355-392 F). Before they turn gaseous, at around 106 C (220 F), the carboxyl group is released from the molecule as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    It goes to your lungs and evaporates off the top of the bowl. The reason you get more THC from a vaporizer is because you keep the temperature low and the vapor can not escape from the top of the bowl, because it's an enclosed area it's forced into your lungs.

    the tar that is left over is nothing more than waste material from the plant matter.
  15. So if your trying to tell me that there is no THC in that black stuff, let me ask you how 2 of my bowls tested possitive FOR THC when I got them comfenscated by friendly local law enforcement?

    You have good facts, I will credit you for that, but I have to fault you, this "Tar" does contain THC, and because of the legnth of time that it takes to produce this "Tar" it will absorb a suffecient amount of THC.
  16. so how are we getting high from the black stuff if their is no thc in it.......... cmon theirs gatta be some in their wen the bowl gets all chalky before u hit it some of that is getting mixed in with the tar i know u dnt get high from resin because lack of oxygen its got thc
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    are you absolutely 100% positive it tested positive for THC rather than other CBN's? i do believe they do a broad comparison test where if any cannabinoids appear it's listed as paraphernalia. but you say it tested positive for THC so if that's the case, i'm sure my college chemistry professor would probably be interested in speaking with you and have a gander at your super powerful THC.

    it's burning the left over CBNs as i said in my earlier post. thc isn't the only thing you feel when you smoke and get high there are at least 66 other CBNs in marijuana, the different level of each different one creates each unique high per strain.
  18. watevers in it i feel stoned from it and i like the high its difrent from bud my original post was can i do anything els with it besides smoke it i dnt want to throw it out i just was wondering if their is anyother way to feel its efects besides pipe smoking-bong can i make it in to a evin more oily substance to put on joints or blunts or anything like that

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