What can I do with my hermaphrodite plant?

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  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately one of my plant has become a hermi... it was a feminized royal bluematic auto and a few days ago when it was step in the pre-flowering stage starts to making sacs on one node. I was waiting and appeared a many pistils, and later 2 more sacs. So, it has 6 sacs and a lot of pistils. The plant 21 days old (autoflower) from emerged on surface. As I have two plants overall (and 2 more on germination) and it's my first growing, I don't wanna to kill this one.

    So what are my options? First of all I don't wanna to pollinate the other one, so I have to remove from my growing room.

    1st.: If I put in an other room means, the hermi won't get any artificial light and ventilated air. I can't provide these stuffs once more... I can put on the the window ledge (inside the house), where it will get a lot of sunshine and -if I open the window- fresh air. Maybe it will adapt to new environment and survive, no matter if it will be less yield, its no matter for me. What is your opinion?

    2nd.: The alternative way: I can put on the balcony, but there sometimes heavy wind (scotland, uk...) and I afraid from it will pollinate the other through the window as my growing room's window has open always and the balcony a neighbor of this room. If I won't be luck the wind will blow the pollen towards the opened window and in the room it will hit the other plant (opened wardrobe with outer fan). Is it a real threat?

    3rd.: I can remove the sacs from the plant and leave past to the other plant in the growing room. I don't need to say it has a serious risk. What if later appear more sacs and I can't notice in time? or if I can't see it due to the plant will be bushy.. I don't know how its working.. Any idea?

    And usually when use to be the sacs open? they are small now (like a smaller cannabis seed), I'm afraid they will crack open nowadays.

    Please help me! Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Maybe window, assuming the hermie wouldn't be in the same room as the rest of your plants and won't pollinate them. I don't think you should move it completely outside. I'm not sure about your local laws, relationship with neighbors or even what your backyard looks like. But keeping plants outside could potentially invite trouble.
  3. Thanks guys. Still one more question: When can I expect to crack the sacs? As I said it 3 weeks old from emerged on surface (autof). I wanna to keep under light until its safe. Or I can cut out these sacs and may I win a little more time?

    Actually, I find yesterday on my other plant a sacs-like thing, but I didn't find any more. Its a bit different from the other ones which was mention above. Check it please:

    DSC_0630.JPG DSC_0631.JPG DSC_0634.JPG

  4. These are sacks for sure, if the other one looks different, it might be new growth, i got confused about that not tho long ago. It's or first time looking at things, and it might be a little confusing unless you know what is what.

    Why don't you put fresh pictures of the first hermie suspect.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  5. I just pluck them, takes a 5-10 min inspection each day though. If you see sacs, pollen has already spread in my experience, I wouldn't stress too much about it though. Goodluck
  6. Yup that's a pollen sac. I've had a few hermies in the past. Don't keep it with your other plants it will ruin your whole grow. You're better having one female plant then all the plants producing seeds.

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  7. The first hermie has nothing change. Appeared a few small sacks, thats it...

    Look: DSC_0556.JPG
  8. Move it by itself, finish it, get the seeds out, run it for hash.

    There's a few big name strains from herms, run the seeds. They're free.
  9. Today I cut off the sacs... I tried to do it without too much stress. Thanks, I hope it will work for a while.
  10. I don't need the more seeds. I growing 4 plants, and I will smoke them -mostly- myself.. On the other hand this is my first grow so I don't wanna to kill any. Its 3-4 weeks old, so I'm not sure it has seeds already. Maybe later.
  11. You could make some femmenised seeds from it theoretically. I've never tried.
  12. Nah its hermie you dont wanna run the genetics again youll have a higher chance at hermie again.

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