what can I do with 5 males?

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  1. Ok well I started the flowering process 2 1/2 weeks ago with six plants, which 5 of them turned out to be male. Once I cut them down I put them in a air tight zip lock bag and stuck them into the freezer. I was just wondering what my options are with these and if there is enough THC in them to make anything wiorth while. I have some buddies coming to visit in a couple weeks... brownies maybe? any ideas or help is welcome. I have done some research on here but would like everyones opinions on what would be best to do with them.... Thanks! :smoke:
  2. unless ur gonna use them to make seeds grind them up and throw them out!
  3. There has to be something I could make with these
  4. ive smoked male plants before.. Isnt worth it esp if your a avid smoker... If you havented touch the herb for a awhile then smoke a male it may get u high. But man that shit just made me tired as fuck. I never have thought about making brownines outta them though id say its worth a try.
  5. I would rather make some butter or something than smoking just a regular leaf if that what your talking about... I guess more or less what I am asking is that these plants are about a month and a half old... will there even be any THC yet for me to make any sort of hash?
  6. try making some iso hash, there's a great tutorial stickied on this site with pics.. it's probably worth a try, i wonder though if the males need time to flower (like the girls) and all before they make any thc.. ..

    i'd like to hear if anyone has ever made hash from a mature male plant...
  7. Yeah I have read in a couple of places of people doing it but they never said if it was a young male plant or a flowered male.
  8. bro, no, your out of luck.

    it is indeed the older plant, i doubt you plant has any traces of thc, just trash it.

    Good luck with the female... also clone her for like 5 or 6 clones and put them in flower asap for q quick harvest after the main one.

  9. yeah thats kinda what I figured would happen... spent so much time on them that I thought I might be able to use them for something. Kinda wastefull but I will have to trash them.
  10. There is - compost !!
  11. Compost would be the best bet.

    Ive made hash from my males, it was like smoking a grinned up weed out of my front yard.
  12. Damn dude thats nasty! Thats exactly why I am growing is to get away from the nasty weed that you have no clue what it contanis! Atleast there was one female out of the six. She is gorgous too! Should have some pics up this weekend if I get the time in between homewrok!
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with nasty weed as it has to do with the chemicals in the male plant.

    Also even at peak THC levels you would need a lot of plant matter.

    I had a 3 males out of 5 plants deal and I hashed all 3 males and pulled 4g or so of "Hash" lol.
  14. yeah 4g of hash doesn't sound worth it. However I will def. have to use the trimmings and stuff off of the one female. That should atleast make some pretty good hash. I was thinking of the bubble method maybe.
  15. Oh no doubt my friend.

    I will be saving ever bit and piece of my 2 females.

    Its strange how when you take on growing the plants become like children to you...Maybe thats just me.I just love my girls.Males not so much.I threated one,"You touch my girl Ill cut ya"...good times
  16. make rope

  17. Thats good stuff!! lol I didn't threaten any of mine. haha yeah for one female to survive against 5 other males is pretty crazy... she was the first one to show sex too... just had to wait another week and half for the others though! Yeah they are def. like kids now and you always want the best of everything for them!
  18. can you make hash from female fan leaves (the female is on flower also) using the qwiso method?
  19. I wish I could... I got rid of them allready. I didn't let them get to far into flowering. Soon as they showed sex they were gone. Mango sounds really good!
  20. ya dude dont be dissapointed. youll have seeds for the rest of your life. and there are also other people out there that want seeds

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