what can i do to germanate my babys

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  1. i just bought 11 white widow seeds
    i have a propagator
    i have the seeds in a wet paper towel
    i put my seeds in compost the white bit facing down
    and put it in the propagator what tempreture should i keep it at because i screwed up some lowryders
    and i cant afford any more seeds how long will it take to
    see them come up thank you please help
  2. wow, thats messed up

    Anyway, if you wanna "germinate" them, you definately dont do so by chucking them in a pile of compost

    Easiest method:

    - get a airtight tupperware container or plastic bag. Get a bunch of paper towels ( not napkins, not tissues, PAPER TOWELS).

    - Then, use hot water to wet them. I dont mean damp, but not just pouring wet, but pretty "drippy" all around.

    - Next place 2 layers at the bottom of the container, your seeds evenly spread out, then another layer ( hot, drippy, etc)

    - Seal the container, so no air escapes. Store in a warm and dark place, and you can see sprouts of the taproot anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days.

    P.S.: I wouldnt germinate all 11 seeds at once, especially seeing how you stating your sick of having to buy new ones. I would do 4 at a time with 11, so you would have pretty good chances of getting females out of them. If you didnt, then thats fucked up, but you can do another 4, and then 3 more.

    Once you get a female, use its clones, and SAVE your seeds. You will never know when you may need them, and you can use them down the road...
  3. aww.... 11 white widow seeds.... *sigh*.. reading that made me wanna :cry:

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