What can I do on the internet when I'm board?

Discussion in 'General' started by untamedlion33, May 5, 2011.

  1. im board just clicking around on random crap.
  2. There's always /b/...
  3. You can learn how to spell bored ;)

    ahha, just pulling your leg. And for me? Youtube and GC.
  4. stumbleupon.com
  5. Try OKCupid. It's a kinda dating site, but otherwise has a ton of fun, interesting and unusual tests you can take. . . plus other stuff. Stumbleupon.com, yes!
  6. There are lots of option that you can go for like if you are a game freak then there are lots of sites that are allows free game playing,if you love to listen themusic then there are also sites for that to listen free songs ,thriugh radio you can also here it.

  7. This right here.
  8. You can always find a different bored to post on.
  9. lol i already did that. then i ordered a bunch of stuff to start growing weed plus some stuff on amazon. i guess im now an amazon prime member too. now im broke :eek:
  10. Damn productive day lol
  11. uhh GC,Youtube,Facebook, and other stuff?
  12. Goatse, lemonparty, 2girls1cup

  13. loool ! yes go on /b/
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  15. Stumbleupon.

    Read an online book.

    Learn something new, such as how to spell.

    Possibilities are endless.
  16. You like cannabis? :smoke: (Well, duh!) How about learning some new things about it?

    Try clicking that first link in my sig and just start reading the titles! I bet you won't even make it through the "C"s before you find an article that you "have to" read! :D

    How about some "teaser questions"? :confused:

    How do you stop the neural damage of Mad Cow Disease- a condition for which there is no cure?

    Do you know the preventative medicine for the #1 cause of blindness in American adults (diabetic retinopathy)?

    What prevents the deposition of amyloid plaque, the physical evidence of Alzheimer's? And may aid your body in removing it?

    Do you know what can slow the growth of lung cancer by 50%?

    What makes gliomas (brain cancer) shrink?

    Where will you find the answers these questions? In that first link in my sig! Click it and read! Educate yourself!

    Granny :wave:

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