What can i do in this piece?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TooSicKs, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. http://www001.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/Sku.asp?PageType=1&Sku=451227

    I'm thinking i can take out the middle shelf and flower 1 or 2 plants in there with lotsa flouros, waht do you think about the depth? i know a 5 gal bucket will fit in there and with a bit of strategically placed weatherstrip it'll be light and semi-airtight, but is 14" too narrow a space? I don't wanna go hps in this cabinet cause i'm building a room for hps/mh but it will be a while before it's done. I just need a convenient flowering chamber. I'll use fans and charcoal for ventialtion.
  2. cant see pic so canna help ya :/
    thats waht it says when I try to look at it -

    Enter U.S. ZIP Code

    Please enter the ZIP code where products will be shipped.
  3. enter a zip code and it'll come up
  4. looks like a nice cabinet, great price too!:) I think you'll be OK with 14".:D
  5. That's what i think, This week i built a working prototype of the same dimensions which my girl loves, she's gettin dark green and bustin a grip o new growtips, and i also drew up the proposed cabinet on cad, i just need a dxf to jpeg converter so i can post oics, either that or i'll just do a screen capture and crop it, but i need to redownload paintshop cause my comp crashed and i lost data on my drive, some of which belonged to paintshop binaries or some shizz.
  6. Hey hippie, you got 2 more posts till 420 haha

    Check it out here's some cad captures of what i wanna build.

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  7. These pics are the box and lighting only. The 10" holes on top will hold the fans and the blue lip inside the upper box will hold a hepa filter, and on top of the filter will be a layer of activated carbon. I'll put a lightproof lid on it but i left it off on the cad model so it's out of the way visually, as well as left the doors off the cabinet.

    The yellow inside will be white i just made it yellow so it's easier on the eyes to see the lighting configuration. The two hoops on top ar 8" CF's and i will add a reflector when i build as well as all the mounting hardware and wiring. I plan to run a separate ballast box on the side of the outside of the cabinet to hold ballasts, timers, and other crap.

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  8. Here's the top view,,,,
  9. Here's the top view:

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  10. Looks good! I have a .3dm file that looks sorta like that. ill get a pic.:D
  11. Toosicks-

    Any more progress with this? Looks like a great plan!
  12. Well, i built a prototype cabinet so far out of a mretal frame, posterboard reflector, only 2 shoplight fixtures, 2 warm natural bulbs, 2 cool whites, and 1 overhead "100watt" 23 watt CF, my girlie loves it and she's growin big and strong now. She stays cool even under all the light with no active ventilation, just a cardbaord box made lightguard vent. If i follow my cad drawings for it i'm confident it'll be one badass growcloset. Next month i'm gonna order the cabinet and buy some more flouros to toss in, and i'm gonna work on building an air filtration system.

  13. Sweet man. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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