What can I buy to get rid of the smell???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DJ420Chillin, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I have 8 white widow plants growing and even before 12/12, they have my whole house smelling like a doobie factory. What can I purchase to get rid of the smell or at least tone it down alot. I don't really want to build anything, just buy something. Thanks.

    P.S. - Wouldn't it be cool if there really were doobie factories?? I would put in a job application every day!!:D
  2. what're you talkin about every plant is a doobie factorie.. ehhe.. Hey just go get a carbon filter and put a blower on it.. or if you have ventilation just hook it to something pulling all the air through and it'll kill most of the stanky wanky floating around.. ehehe.. what you don't like it? eheheh
  3. you can get ona block and it kills the smell instantly. ona gel does the samething also. it smells like you have chemically scrubbed everything in the area but it works trust me. it is cheap also.
  4. I personally love the smell but I'm trying to keep everything DL from friends and family and they stop over quite a bit. Where can you buy a carbon filter and how much are they?? Walmart??
  5. Carbon Filters are relatively cheap.. walmart might have some but I suggest checking your local hardware stores. Or why not burn some incense, depending on the size of your grow area? Even cheaper. :smoke:
  6. How long does the ona block last? Does the grass take on the smell of the ona?
  7. Odor Neutralizing Agent=ONA
    They absorb odor molecules. It won't fuck up your weed.

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