What can I add to my soil that will bring the p.h. down?

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  1. I have p.h. problems that are around 7.5 and am getting lock-out problems now.What can I add to the soil that will drop it down?Thanks in advance......:wave:
  2. For such a small adjustment, watering with an acidic liquid will neutralize the alkalinity and properly set the soil's pH to 6.5. Use pH 5.5 liquid and wet the soil well. It doesn't matter if it's a nutrient solution or not.
  3. Dolomite Lime.


  4. Freak thought you meant pH up. Dolomite & Hydrated Lime indeed work very well for fixing acidic soil. Before my arsenal of very alkaline ferts reached critical mass, I used to use lime for all upward pH adjustments. These days I only use pH down.
  5. Thank you both for your replys.But Freak I think I got to go with Jellyman and p.h. my water down to knock the akaline level down.Thanks for you guys time and suggestions.
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    Anything which is liquid based will not hold the buffer long enough to be effective. The soil will revert to it's original ph number ±.

    Changing the ph of soil is not easy, nor fast. You need to know the cation exchange number.

    IMHO, the easiest way to do this would be to re-pot the plant into some soil which has an acceptable ph level.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Edit: to lower soil - sulphur / to raise soil - dolomite lime.
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    Good answer bro, I agree!
  8. I found out today that it isnt exactly my soil.It is my tap water and it's almost at 8.0.This is weird because Ive never seen this before but I had already changed my soil a week or so ago and thought it helped,but it didnt because I was watering it with super alkaline tap water.Anyway I did fix it and I fixed it quick.I watered them super heavy intill they drained with p/h.ed water of 5.0,then turned my fan on high.Came back this morning and did the same thing again after seeing it only dropped about .90.After the fan on high again my p.h. is 6.8.From here I think I got it,I hope...lol

  9. That's interesting, I was having a hell of a problem trying to get some potassium in a bunch of my plants and was using sul-po-mag in big amounts (bigger amounts and more often) and the ph dropped off precipitasely and i couldn't figure out why...musta been the sulfur component! Thanks.

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