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What Can I Add To Bud To Add Flavor?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Metalxiii, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. My friend used to add something to his bud to add a little flavor to it but I havent seen him forever. Just wondering if anyone knows anything that would.
  2. Whatever you do - DO NOT BUY TASTYPUFF!

    Worst. Product. Ever.
  3. TastyPuffs
    But its a man law to not fruit the bud
  4. As I said in a previous thread concerning pretty much the same thing as you with flavor.

    If you keep your green in an freshly empty altoids can for about 5-6 hours it takes on the minty flavor. To me I prefer minting my weed (a few springs of fresh mint in with my bag) makes it smell and taste kind of pine like which is amazing!

    Personally I wouldn't suggest Tasty puffs spray as it can be extremely over powering and you don't want to ruin the signature taste of your grass, you want to "Add" to it, not really alter it! Again of course this is just my personal opinion. Experiment! there is much you can do in the ways of changing flavors of your grass.

    To check out the other thread
  5. what do you want your buds to taste like other than buds?

    buds taste good on their own imho.
  6. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

    Tastypuff straight up tastes like Chemicals.


    Don't waste your money.
  7. Also if you add orange peels or any kind of peel to your bud make sure you bake it or do something to dry it out. Any extra moisture to your bud only promotes mold growth and this is not a good thing!
  8. This topic is never ending, theres 101 different ways, the old peel in the bad trick, or iv recently been experimenting with water curing.. add what ever flavoured extract you want in it. or my mate even added food dy and had redish looking buds as well as blue looking ones..

    The Duck.
  9. Its just that I have a little bud left over and always wonderd if I could add some extra flavor to it, dont get me wrong I love the taste of bud buts its just an experiment.
  10. Put your weed in a jar with some orange peel or banana skins!
  11. i say, bud doesnt need flavored. i love the taste of marijuana. why change it?
  12. Make some edibles that'll make it taste hella good haha
  13. I tried using Gator-Aid in my bong once, never really worked out...
  14. my friend put some bud in a raspberrry altoids can. it smelled and tasted like sugary sweet raspberrys with that great aftertaste of bud.
  15. for real
  16. Fire. :D

    Naw, I don't know if I trust actually adding anything on top of my weed. Cinnamon might be tasty tho.
  17. try mixing grinded up food such as cereal or pepperoni.
  18. Agree bud is amazing alone. It smells bad to everyone else but amazing to tokers :smoke:
  19. crack, or maybe some crazy chinese herbs
  20. Add a little bit of something called THC and it makes the bud so good.

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