What BULB to get?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zigzag1331, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I was suppost to order a 2700k red 125w cfl tomorrow, but i found this guy that lives near me that also sells 125w cfl's, but they come in either 4100k or 5000k. At this point i dont know what to get. Would the 4100k or 5000k work like the red 2700k, i want to run the same bulb for flowering and vegging soo please let me know.

    I can also get 65wat, 85 wat and 105 wat. all come in 4100k and 5000k
  2. Those won't work well for flowering.

    Running the same bulb for both flowering and veg seems odd. You should just buy two bulbs and do it correctly. Your yield will thank you.
  3. You wont yield hardly anything at all using small watt CFLs.

    There are many people who use 400, 600 or even 1000w HPS for veg and flowering.... its just not cost effective. Using T5 bulbs then moving onto an HPS is more intelligent.

    When you use tiny CFL's, you wont get more than an 8th or so a plant anyway, so whats the point?

  4. For real?

    It's obvious that you are oblivious to the usage of CFLs for growing marijuana. I've personally pulled over a half ounce of each plant that were only vegged for 30 days. That was a first grow.

    Please, for the love of this forum, don't post unless you know what you are talking about. CFLs provide plenty of light to grow VERY nice yielding plants.
  5. I appreciate your comment, but have been growing longer than you, rest assured. I started as an organic lettuce grower and have moved around to various plant types. Half ounce? That is still a waste of time. Why deal with anything that is not yielding at least 45 grams?

    You have a lot to learn.

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