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Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by TheRealCesarG, May 17, 2018.

  1. 27BD54C3-341E-4276-B377-E6ABA7BEC124.jpeg 9BC5ED3A-8C4D-4872-93A5-B6F189ADE4F1.jpeg Is this a cockroach? Im sure it is but if so which one cuz i don’t recognize it. I live with my father and his house is decently (German) roach infested but not crazily and he won’t do nothing about it. These doesn’t look like a German and I’ve actually only seen two generic German roaches in my room in a span of like a year.

    I stay in an entire room built in the garage away from the kitchen so I’m the least infested. ive found about 6 of these critters in a span of like 4 months in my room. I’ve found 4 only because I got mouse traps and over a short period of time they would get stuck on them. Today I found the one on its back and this one was the largest I’ve seen it’s like 0.7 of an inch long.

    I’m confused as to where they come from because the only times Ives found them not on the trap is when they’re on their backs trying to flip over so it’s easy to spot them. Why do they flip over ? And what bug is it ? If it’s a roach why are the looks different ?
  2. Cockroach/waterbeatle

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