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What bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ellis2012, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. My friend, who i REALLY trust, is getting some weed tomo and is going to sell me just a g for 5, i talked him down from 10. he said it was like Christmas Reggie or something like that, i was high at the time so i might have misheard..

    Has ANYbody heard of this at all? no matter what word comes before or after reggie when weed is the concern, im always a little iffy on whether or not i want to spend money on it.

    So all ineed to know is if anyone has even heard of 'christmas reg' or anything that sounds like christmas haha
  2. Never heard of it but 5 a g sounds like shwag to me. Or your the worlds best negotiator
  3. 2012 the year u graduate? if so same.
  4. same year for you? hha yup me too bro. and i hear ya.. ill just smoke it and see what happens.. if anything
  5. good tip: unless its some big name dank don't worry about the name. It's usually a ploy to help a dealer up the price.
  6. alright thanks haha ill remember that
  7. I would ignore the name really, all you and I want is a bag o' weed to smoke :smoke:

    so my advice to you IS ALWAYS IGNORE THE NAME and judge the weed on how it looks and smokes brotha
  8. way to admit to being under age
  9. christmas reggie, nice its like the bombest headies out there, its like selling lower grade chronic for the same price as reggies, enjoy man.
  10. i thought the same thing until i tried some christmas reggie, i started smoking 4 years ago, i started with reggie (mids), then i got a hold of some christmas reggie. i was so shocked at the difference of reggie and christmas reggie

  11. ever heard of being held back? yeah.. turning 19 in november
  12. Ever heard of being held back graduation...........?

    Anyway, 5 bucks a gram sounds pretty nice. Make sure you see the weed before you buy it though. If seeing it isn't an option feel it. Is it dense? Does it feel like a gram? Good luck lol

    The closes thing i can think of that sounds ANYTHING like Christmas is X.O. (Grandaddy X.O)
  13. so your a 19 year old sophmore?
  14. hahahaha

  15. hahahahahaha
  16. LOL @ two of these kids being like "yeaa bro i'm 16 too bro!"
  17. Yeah...some people go to school after high school.

    And yeah, the other day, a girl told me she had something called christmas weed. I think she just made it up though because she mixed a bunch of different stuff together. It still got us ripped though.
  18. I was recently talking to my brother and he was telling me that his friend (who is an extremely seasoned toker) said that come Christmas time, he buys this shit called Christmas weed. I dont remember everything he was saying but he basically said it tastes like cinnamon...
  19. I graduate college in 2012 and I am're an idiot.
  20. Christmas Bud around here is Northern Lights mixxed with Snowberry. Knocks you off your ass. Very strong indica high.

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