What browser do you use?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Subject says it all.

    Me? I used to use Internet Exploder till
    a few days ago, when I heard about
    the security flaws.
    So I tried Mozilla first, but it crashed
    my computer. So then I went over to
    Nutscrape, but I just didn't like it. I
    figured, if I'm going to switch from
    why use a carbon copy? Cut the
    strings, man.

    So I downloaded Mozilla Firefox.
    Excellent choice dude. Haven't really
    done anything different, but the
    capability is there.

    Anyway, for those still with me, and I
    have no idea why you would be, I
    just got curious about how everyone
    surfs the Interweb.

    Didn't make this a poll because I
    don't know all the browsers out there
    and I don't want to get nasty posts
    saying things like, "How could you
    forget Archie, build 13? That's the
    best browser ever!!!!!"

    So, no poll.
  2. I just outted IE as well. I use foxfire now, which doesnt give me problem, but I cant play spades on pogo.com anymore. I dont know why.
  3. I use Opera cause it full of cheap parlor trick type things...

    such as you can hold right mouse button and move your mouse down to change what page your looking at, or down and left to close the page... i like it
  4. Internet Explorer + Google Toolbar = Godlike.

    No problems at all. :)
  5. Firefox 0.8 with a shitload of broswer extensions.

    It's like holding the internet in the palm of my hand.
  6. netscape.....bingoo.........thats about it.........i took out IE cuz i got too many pop ups with it.........
  7. damn this thread is old

    internet explorer days lol
  8. in b4 'why'd you have to bump this? it was good information to have and now the mods are going to delete it'
  9. i dont use IE anymore either, i used firefox and google chrome, all depends on what im doing, firefox has been givin me issues playing videos for some reason so i use chrome if im on youtube, or if someone posts a video on here.

    IE was a major pain in my ass.

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