What Breed Of Cat Should I Get?

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  1. i was thinking of getting a Bengal Kitten or a Serengeti, what you guys think is the perfect breed for a stoner who doesn't want a cat that sheds a lot 

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    I've got a Bengal and Abyssinian Cat.  The Bengal is super active and needs a lot of play time otherwise she gets bored and doesn't seem happy.  The Abby is older and she's a lot more laid back and mellow.  Abby is a lap cat that loves to cuddle up for the night when I go to bed.  The Bengal sleeps only when nothing is going on in the house, otherwise she's got to be right in the middle of everything.  Both are great cats with totally different personalities.  Bengal's don't shed much so that's one thing you might consider but don't get a Bengal then leave it home alone all day.  They need a lot of attention and love.
    PS:  Serengeti would probably be like a big Bengal requiring even more attention and play.
  3. Get a Pixie Bob. Or a Maine Coon.
  4. Maine coon all the way
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    Maine coon/Scottish fold/Persian
    The Maine and Persian will shed though.
  6. i hear the nyan cats are great
    somebody was talking about them, i dunno.
    you should check em out though. i hear they shit rainbows. i'm guessing thats euphemism for something
  7. You should adopt a cat rather than spending a bunch of money on a certain breed. You can find a chill lazy one or a playful one. But let's be real, most cats are gonna shed. The hairless sphynx cats are pretty good for allergies though
  8. Maine coon or ragdoll. They're super laid back, and exttremely cute and fuzzy. or a Somali, cause they're the best.
    \nOr just go to a humane society and get a kitten you like. Most purebred cat breeds have more health problems than mixed-breed non-inbred ones.
    \nI should know. I used to have a Somali. He wasn't show quality cause he had black on the tip of his tail and his teeth were'nt straight, but he was still very expensive. He was also inbred as fuck, as his pedigree proudly showed. He was dumb as rocks and he couldn't meow (he would open his mouth like he was meowing, and there'd be a tiny squeak at the end. it was like a badly dubbed movie), and he drooled when he was happy. My friends and I used to joke that my cat was defective. 
    \nDon't get me wrong, he was sweet, and I loved him, but he was more inbred than the Targareans. Watch out for that if you're getting a purebred of any kind.
  9. I used to have an f4 male Bengal. he cost a lot because I bought his breeding rights awell but I was going to stud him out. he had wicked genetics. here he was when I first bought him I think around 14 weeks old.
  10. Bengal bengal bengal!!! I have a cat whose mom was a Bengal, and she is the funniest, smartest, sweetest creature. They're super funny to talk to, too, because generally they're loud cats that like to chat. My cat and I will meow back and forth, and it entertains me for hours when I'm high.
    But if you want a cat that is lazy, neither of those are good breeds. Look into Ragdolls or Birmans!
  11. Yeah, if you want to do the right and logical thing, just adopt one and you can pick for yourself. But if you want specific breed advice and don't want to pay that much for a Bengal, I have another idea for you. It's also a bit expensive, but cheaper than a Bengal and downright adorable. Short haired too, for the hair shedding problem. It's the Russian Blue.[​IMG]
  12. long haired 

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