What brand of lighters do you use?

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  1. I'm using Colico lighters because they were pretty cheap when I got them, 8pk for $2.

    Also, what's with the love for Bic lighters? I've never used one so I was just wondering. :confused:
  2. Bic seems to be the highest quality disposable lighter, with a very satisfying feel once the safety is removed. Mostly I use a crème brûlée torch to heat up my glowrod.

  3. How could you have never used a Bic. I've only seen smokers using other lighters maybe like 3 times lol
    But anyway I always use Bic. They feel good in your hand like chris.c was saying..with the safety shit off they are great
  4. When I smoked with others I was usually the one supplying the lighter, so I haven't really had to use any other brand.

    High quality, eh. Maybe that's why they're like a $1 for one..

  5. bics feel the best when you take the safety off
  6. I use a zippo for all my glass pieces :cool:
  7. Bics with the safety off.
  8. Bic without the safety. I couldn't find one in Amsterdam either time and I really missed
    the solid feel of them.

  9. You turn the zippo upside down and light it?:rolleyes:
    usually that doesn't work so well
  10. i also take the safety off my bics, very standard but usable lighter.
  11. It's a lil harder, but tastes so much better than bic ;)
  12. Safty removel is a must :D

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  13. BIC!!!

    Every person I know prefers a bic over anything else. They are cheap and effective.
  14. I like to use Zippo.
  15. what do you guys mean by safety removed?
  16. Always flickin' a Bic. Seems like safety removal is a pretty universal ritual, everyone I know does it.
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    BIC for the win.

    the are quality lighters, the spark and flame every time until they run out of fuel. also with the most solid feel of a conventional lighter, its highly sought-after amongst smokers.

    i personally like the safety ON. makes it easier for me to light...
    Bic lighters have a child safety mechanism on top of the wheel. its basically a thin piece of sheet metal that covers the inner gear causing the user to exert a certain amount of force, which then causes the "safety" to flex down and allow the wheel to turn causing the spark. some find it easier to remove the safety, which is just taking a flat head or a key and popping it off.

  18. The safety is a little strip of metal that's on the flint wheel of the Bic lighters. A lot of people prefer to remove it because they think it makes lighting the lighter easier. I do it out of habit now, but I personally don't really see a difference in how difficult/easy it is to light.
    Sorry it's so blurry, it's not my photo but the best I could find.

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