What bong to get? Roor or EHLE

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  1. Heyo.

    I am just beginning to find the joys of mj and I want to get a bong so I can enjoy it even more.
    So then I am of course wondering if I should let the Roor little sista be my first bong. Or should I buy the EHLE.
    I guess the question I am asking is: Is the roor worth the extra money, it beein my first bong and everything.
    No matter which one I choose I will also buy a carbon filter.


  2. Definitely go with the roor bro
  3. Personally I would get the roor. I prefer beaker over that ball bottum. But if your gonna get the ehle you can atleast get diffuser/ashcatcher
  4. Iv been told the EHLE is the same quality.

    I'm still looking at getting my first glass bong. Iv been looking for months.
    EHLE will prob be just as good considering it's a first.

    BUT there is something about a roor....
  5. Roor for sure,that other one look way too Ba-dunck.
  6. The color on the EHLE puts me off tbh.
  7. I went with the roor. Can't wait til it gets here :D
    I got my beeline and carbon ready.
  8. Just noticed the Molinos have in the GC shop have had a 50% price cut.
  9. You will be very happy with the RooR. I have one a little bit bigger then the one your getting and it was my first glass bong and I love it. I have been using it every single day since I got it. Getting high from a bong is like a whole new high brotha, enjoy it!

    And take care of her like a child ;)

    Happy Tokin!
  10. I actually have a RooR little Sista, they sometimes suck the water up, which is fucking nasty, but it does a good job. never tried EHLE, actually never heard of the brand.
  11. the roor is almost double the price of the other one for a reason
  12. Here's some pictures for you :)

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  13. I can get a RooR with percs for about the same price as that at a headshop near me...is that a good deal??? might be like $35 more or so
  14. Same price as what? If it's the same as the EDIT price for a little sister, then what you are talking about is probably fake.
  15. Def fake if its that cheap.
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    nvm i just called them its $250 for one with an ashcatcher she said it looks like a beaker...so i guess they sold the ones with percs...idk how they'd get fakes but ok...im the one that told them they should get RooRs then didnt have the money for one

    personally if it doesnt have percs ill just wait til i find one that does...or ill just wait til i get the million dollars from my grandma dying..go down to the laughin buddah in Miami and buy a couple Toro's

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