What body part(s) would you be willing to cut off to not watch Twilight?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by MasterChief420, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. My balls...and I'd do it 500 times over to save myself from sure death.
  2. Gotta watch this shit with my gf tonight hopefully I find some bud before then ain't goin sober.
  3. I would cut off everything thing i could possibly cut off to not watch any of those movies never have and never will watch those
  4. I wouldnt cut shit off... i choose what i watch thank you very much.... even if my gf begged me 100000 times id never fucking watch it, just as she will never watch a MULTITUDE of the movies i watch, but hey... she hates twilight, so i win
  5. I wouldn't cut anything off...

    Isn't this whole "I HATE TWILIGHT THING" like, so 2008?

    Grow up.
  6. The things we do for our girlfriends and their terrible taste in movies/TV.
    I've had to watch both Sex and the City movies in theaters...those were painful experiences.

    So is having to sit through the Kardashians (though the hotness of Kim makes it a bit easier to take than 4 menopausal women talking about men and shopping) and Real Housewives...

    Twilight might be halfway decent if you get baked enough because of the special effects and werewolves...but that melodrama and laughable script will probably overrule the benefits of seeing werewolves on weed.
  7. Luckily my girl doesn't like this crap.
    Even if she did, I'd break up with her if it came to that, no joke.

    Twilight literally made werewolves and vampires too gay to enjoy.

    I love horror movies but this is just shameful.
  8. I cut my toenails off:eek: crazy right?

  9. It would be if they stopped coming out with more fucking movies! And I didn't get stuck working the midnight premire! My hatred is entirely justified!
  10. I could spare a nut.
  11. If someone was forcing me to watch it and said if I didn't watch it they would cut off my balls. I would just watch it but I would be audibly making fun of it the whole time.
  12. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']Twilight literally made werewolves and vampires too gay to enjoy.

    I love horror movies but this is just shameful.[/quote]

    ˆˆˆ This
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    I could lose my pinkie fingers and toes. Those are friggin useless anyway, like they were an afterthought. Then I'd have cartoon hands. The acting in them is so shitty because they know millions of people are going to see them either way, I think it will lower the standards of anyone who thinks they're good. I put in my two weeks notice at one of my shitty jobs tonight so I won't have to hear about my 40 some year old manager talk about it for the next month.
  14. I think you're over exaggerating. No one would cut off a body part to spare themselves 2 hours of boredom. Seriously, pass out during the movie, make fun of it, etc.. There is no justifiable reason to lob off a part of yourself to avoid a movie. I've never watched any of them, but I can guarantee you that there are worse movies out there.
  15. I'd certainly sacrifice a toe or two if it meant I'd never have to watch Twilight again.

    Unfortunately I also wanna get laid again so I'm gonna have to suffer through those dreadful movies.
  16. I've never seen it. Is it that bad really? I just though it was the next corny trend in movies/mechandising.

  17. I really do think they are THAT bad.

    I've had to sit through all three and I'm convinced that nothing has actually happened in any of them yet. It's just countless scenes of Robert Pattison and Kristin Stewart looking at each other with their mouths about to move.

    I'm still waiting for Edward to finish a sentence without taking a pause.
  18. Fuck that
    I'd just smoke a bowl and laugh about how stupid the whole film is

    My bf is eternally grateful that I detest twilight :D
  19. i already saw it. it wasn't that bad and i missed the previous movie too. then again, i didn't pay xD

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