What blade would you want to be stuck in a lift with?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Proberly done before but. meh.

    I'd say Bud head, RMJL, or digit, no offence to others, these are just ppl i think would be good in this situ lol.
  2. hippy john.... cause that would be the most likely person to have a bowl to match with...... and if we got stuck in that lift long enough I'm sure the subject of turning it into a stealth grow box would come up :)
  3. Sensimil, I know I could bring her back to the dark side...
  4. haha quick now everyone pick a mod and kiss ass :D LOL.............. nevermind
  5. hmm, i dunno, probably digit, budhead or highgirly

    lol dude cool sig, made me laugh.
  6. rumjilly, cuz we could come up with some more covert ops missions
  7. sid(have you seen the pictures?) or hippy john(where did you pull that pound out of?) or europeanVW (talk about dubs all the time) w00t stoned post
  8. A girl...

    'Nuff said....
  9. too many to name, though.... im sure most of ya'll know who you are.. :D

    sides, i'd rather be stuck with anyone...as long as your not alone... :)
  10. after seeing all of bobby820's posted weed pictures, i'd have to say him... he gets some nice stuff!

    either that or that really good looking girl who posted on these forums awhile back, dont remember her name or anything, but she'd have like a pic of herself in everyone of her posts..
  11. what if the lift breaks down? can I change my answer? :D
  12. Hes got some nice bud, whered he go?
  13. ya id like to smoke some ppp with woody, or hippie john cause he could probably throw something together and get us out of there ..gotta love MacGyver stoners

  14. :D uhhhh huh! :p
    but I like it tooo much on this side!!

    ladies? going down? :D
  15. I'd want to be stuck with all the stoned city women.. May be the reason it got stuck to start with..LOL

    All the pot we could smoke till satisfaction was guarenteed!
  16. i don't think i could pick just one.i'd have to say, a few banned members lol and a handfull of others!! i think i could stand to be stuck with anyone if there's weed around.

  17. ooo yes, and i'd say the older wiser blades too for sure, cuz they know how to treat a lady!

  18. find me a new icon an it'll be checked... i've tryed to find a gravy icon.... just haven't....
    and Yay!!! i get to be stranded with someone...lol

    for a second... all i could think about was a submarine loaded with cute drunken girls.... does that mean that i have problems... ?? :D

  19. hehehe, that sounds not to bad too lol!
  20. now this is the part where i try to get all cute looking an say " love me....love me everyone" :::blush:::: :D

    then hopefully i'll have a whole island of people to spend time with....

    [insert evil laugh] :p ;)

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