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What besides cannabis can I vaporize?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Clitius Maximus, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I have to get a new job. Just cant take mine anymore. Problem is I'll have to stop smoking in order to pass a drug test. Does anyone know what I could vaporize to get similar effects as weed? I vaporize almost every night. It calms me and helps me sleep. Chamomile, valerian root? Something legal that I wont fail a piss test with. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.
  2. im not sure about vaping other herbs like that, but i have heard that smoking chamomile gives a relaxing effect
  3. Man if you think there was an easy to get legal substance that provided the effects of marijuana, that it would be just as good? :rolleyes:

    Either way man, look into teas, all kinds of tea.
  4. k2 (or any other working synthetic), hops, cloves, tobacco, theres alot out there. whats really fun is taking gravity bong rips of tobacco, it actually fucks you up
  5. tbh i would stay far away from k2 or any synthetic thing that makes you high, they fuck you up and people have died from them. not worth it, go with all natural herbs such as stuff you'd find in tea
  6. Yeah nothing synthetic. Im a heavy smoker so I'll need to stay off the bud for at least a month. Man this sucks! Ill try some valerian root, or chamomile. Have an herb shop not far from my house. Ive been researching it on as well and found some very interesting, psychedelic effects.

    But nothing beats a few rips from my Volcano. God shes good

  7. Plastic huh? Yeah I'll get right on that after I take a shot of Drain-O.

  8. Haha, don't forget to lick a deodorant, that's the good stuff. :rolleyes:
  9. Turdz n Ballz.
  10. Very good question my friend... there are a variety of things you can vape!

    youve got hash, bud, hash with bud.

  11. Yeah for 5 - 10 mins max lol. It is a pretty good high but extremely short.
  12. Get synthetic piss?

  13. oh looking at some fine bud and some golden hash right now. Damn will power and drug testing
  14. deemsters ;D

  15. Hahah, can you not smoke?
  16. I use chamomile in my vaporizer. It gives you a very mild relaxing feeling. Relaxing like weed, but nowhere near as close. You can vaporizer Salvia. Same temperature I think, might be a little higher. I like to vaporize green tea, only because it's healthy for you ^^ no effects that i'm aware of, I usually mix a raspberry green tea with chamomile.

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