What beans to buy for massive yield and high potency

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    Hi so I'm starting a grow soon with 16 plants under 4x400w hps. And I know what I'm looking for is the "holy grail" of seeds or whatever but I'm trying to find a good strain to grow for massive yield me and high potency if anyone knows a strain that suits this please share your experience wit the strain

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  2. Any plant will grow big if you grow it big.
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  3. South Fork Seeds has some great genetics. Been doing this a really long time, and their gear really impressed me. The South Fork Kush is some of the best herb on the planet. Longer flowering time, but yields are above average with 2 of the 3 pheno's I see most commonly.
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  4. The 3 strongest strains I've grown are Greenhouse Seeds Lemon Skunk, Reserva Privada Sour Kush and G13 Labs Mozzarella. Yield depends so much on the talent of the grower, training techniques and really good lights. They can make all the difference in the world.

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  5. For some strange reason everyone wants massive yields and high potency... lol

    Good luck OP.

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  6. female seeds . bubble gummer. was on the hunt for a new favorite . did 29 different kinds at once and this one was a winner and it was 3 plants so it was not a freak .the same stood out with 2 times the yield and very strong . quality was a 9/10 rushed out the door could of been a 10 no time for a good cure . have to say it they were tomato plants and seeds . how stupid it sounds when your pc is cloned .
  7. I've been looking for something new for the winter crop. Thanks for the tip.

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  8. now never put all your eggs in 1 basket . buy a wide selection . thinking of getting some of the lemon skunk posted above . skunks usualy have a great yield and very easy to grow .

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