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What do you think?

  1. More Sativa

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  2. More Indica

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  3. who cares,,it's smoke

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  4. yuk bagseed

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  1. Yep...bagseed...I know,,I know,,,not something I would normally do....but this was one of those,,,3 seeds/maybe in a pound,,odds are ,they may be homo,,,nope! All female,all 3 seeds,,,,I figured,,,hmmm,,,let's play...see what happens...


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  3. looks nice for bagseeds, they look like my brothers plants that he grew last year accept his were outdoor. Nice :)
  4. Sativa of some sorts...could be SatxInd but definately Sativa dominated.
    looking good anyway!
  5. how can u tell by just looking at the plants?
  6. Towater, i'm no expert yet but i think you can tell it's mostly sativa by the fact that it isn't as bushy as an indica and the fan leaves are long and thin....i think, can anyone confirm this for me?.....Peace out.....Sid
  7. Bagseed can be a wonderful inexpensive way to learn, Plus a Variety is always fun. you do learn to treat the plants as individuals.

  8. Your right sid...
  9. Hey, I read alot about these fan leaves...and seeing as though I have yet to grow my own marijuana....I do not know what the fan leaves are?
    Could someone please point them out? I'm guessing it's the leaves that I look at...but I would like clarification.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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