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What bad Weed is cut with

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Puccio, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Hi everybody,

    Once I got fooled and a guy sold to me some really bad weed. It looked ugly, very dark, and it tasted even worse. It was basically unsmokable and it was hurting my throat.
    Do you guys have any idea about which kind of process and substances people use to cut weed with? I am talking about really crappy weed.

    Thank you very much!
  2. it might have been just very crappy cannabis that wasn't flushed or cured properly. I imagine people might mix anything with cannabis that looks similar, like oregano, if they are ripping you off. Can you post a photo.
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  3. Thank you! I actually do not have any pictures, but the weed was disgusting and my throat was burning at every puff that for sure it contained some chemical substance.

    I am just curious to know what people might use to make crappy weed in order to fool other people.
  4. It was probably just shit weed that
    Wasn't grown, dried, or cured properly at all. Shit weed can do all that you've mentioned without additional chemicals. The plants chlorophyll or fertilizer/nutrients that weren't used up can cause all those symptoms. Or just a plain shitty grow and harvest can too.

    So here's my question if you thought it was laced with chemicals why did you keep smoking it? You say it burned with every puff. Why not stop if you thought chems?
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  5. I smoked some Mexican weed in Colorado, back when that was all they could get there, that had been smuggled over the border in the gas tank of a speed boat. It tasted 100% like diesel fuel.

    Could something similar have happened to the weed you're talking about?
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  6. Because I am addicted ahah
    Actually after 3-4 puffs we throw all that stuff away, it was unsmokable.

    Thank you by the way!
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  7. Could be, the smell was pretty strong and had nothing to do with real weed's smell.
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  8. I had something like one time in my early smoking days, only it seemed to be mids that were sprayed with something to make it look really trichome-y and high level. I read something online about rubbing the weed against the underside of a CD to see if residue comes off...don't remember if that worked or was even true
  9. Most likely it was low graded weed sprayed to give it a strong smell. A few dealers try to pull that shit down here. Pretty much they try to sell reggie or mids as some loud.
  10. they dont 'cut' weed but it can be laced. Just sounds like shitty weed to me tho

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  11. Hey guys. First post here on the city. Ive heard that Mexican bobby brown gets sprayed with Coca Cola to make it sticky.

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  12. Could just be some shitty mexibrick commercial weed. Though it is much less prevelant now there is still plenty out there making its way through the ghettos and poor communities. Its usually not good weed to start with, then it is poorly dried, not cured, and mashed into bricks for transport. The result is often a dark green or brown product that taste like shit and barely gets you high. It also not uncommon for it to mold due to lack of proper drying and curing, so it can at times have an ammonia smell.
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  13. See small dealers will try that to get an extra g or so out of an oz, but larger dealers aren't going to bother. Cartels know that the people who smoke thier garbage already either have low standards or can't afford any better and they aren't going to waste time spraying smoke with cola for a few extra grams when they are moving hundreds of pounds. So, yea it does happen, but not on a large scale.
  14. Thank you Jay!
  15. INFAMOUS herb dealing tactics: combine water and honey in a spray bottle, lay out herb and spray it down, then let it dry and spray again. Now this is a point where it will have much gained weight and be much stickier but some people take it a step further and put grinded up glass shards which stick to the honey and are INCREDIBLY deceiving. Makes the bud look like a giant trichrome. But nope you smoking glass buddy. CD trick mentioned above don't work.. stems could scratch a CD Too. Even a stiff nug could. If your weed ever pops in your joint and you don't smell a seed I would stop smoking and go fight your dealer.

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  16. Also good to note that I have gotten glass laced weed from a good trusted source I have known for years. it's all over the place. It will hurt your throat pretty bad.. Be safe my friends.

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  17. Yeah I knew of someone who would shake glass into his weed so it weighed more :(
  18. that ground up glass is a real thing? i heard that like forever ago and i thought it was a myth
  19. Sadly my man its not a myth. I've encountered it twice. I have copped many lbs over the years of smoking. Much more than the average smoker so you may never experience it but it's out there. Eventually there will be worse stuff

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