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  1. So I started dating this girl on Saturday. She seemed like a nice chick, she was pretty, and I thought everything was going okay. It's been pretty cold the last few days, so every time I've seen her she's been wearing a sweatshirt hoodie. However, it was nice for a while today, and she had her jacket off...She lifted her arm up and I swear to god there was a fucking forest under there. I mean, a trimmed forest, but nonetheless a forest! It was disgusting and I began to plan my escape there.

    I decided to be nice and stick around for a while, and I was playing with her phone when I stumbled upon some pictures she took of herself cutting her arm open...which pretty much killed all of my desires haha....After that we were talking, when she told me that she used to be a whore and buy money with the drugs she made. I'm not sure if it's true (she said it seriously), but even if it's not...why would you say that? So I told her I had a doctors appointment and called my buddy up to come save me. Damn, and she was fine too. Haha:smoking:
  2. Not to mention she was awful in bed.
  3. sig worthy :)

  4. lmfao!!
  5. Oh shit man haha...You know what I meant

  6. LMFAO. Fuckin Great.

    EDIT. Damnit, Hate how I wasn't the only person who noticed, LMAO.
  7. I once overheard a kid in highschool asking my buddy a nice way to get his girl to shave. My friend said to make her a gift basket type deal with bath salts and bubble bath and things of the sort, and then throw in a few razors and some shaving cream. Pretty fuckin' genius if you ask me.
  8. Shit, That is fuckin genious.

  9. never this easy, women will ALWAYS feel like they are being picked on (sorry ladies). the best thing to possibly do is just to approach them and nicely tell them you think they should shave.

    she probably didnt shave her cooter either.
  10. Genius, peer genius.

  11. WHAT?! Dude, if u give a woman a basket and include razors and shaving cream she will KNOW what the fuck u are hinting at. LOL That would probably embarrass her more than anything.

    No trying to thread jack, but I have a funny hairy chick story too. :D
    I met a girl at the river last year while I was walking my dog. She was fuckin skinney dippin by herself (if u dont believe me I dont blame u but its 100% true :D) and I stopped and smoked a bowl with her, she was a total hippy chick. I live in WA state right next to Evergreen college, so if u have been to the area u know I aint full of shit. Anyways, this chick was straight unshaved from head to toe. No shaved legs or pits. She was a decent lookin girl too!!

    No real point to the story. But it was funny as hell. From a distance the girl looked hot as hell. Then when I got up close, I was liek oh shit...this chick is HAIRY.

    I dont mind a little bush. But hairy pits and legs is too much for me.
  12. Reminds me of "Without a Paddle" lol, "All natural".

    I'm in WA too! Haven't seen any hippies skinny dipping though... probably have to head up to bham for that lol.

  13. Dude JUST like that movie. The girl wasnt that fine, but she was DEFINITELY fuckable. I have seen her there a few times since (in clothes). I think she was kinda embarrassed I caught her nekkid, but she was a hippy so she pretended like it didnt bother her to be naked in the wilderness. :D I certainly didnt mind staring at her tits while smoking a bowl with her. :) And she even had like nice light hair but there was just way too much of it. :D

    I woulda prolly still fucked her though. I cant lie. :rolleyes:
  14. LOLLLL.

    i see alll my southern boys have already stolen what i was gonna say :smoking:
  15. wow there goes your dream girl
  16. Amen to that. That is for sure in the top 5 things to do while blazin.
  17. Haha yeah man she shaved everything else though...I just don't get it!

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